EastEnders' Charlie Brooks gobsmacked after stumbling across DINOSAUR on set of new drama Lie With Me

EASTENDERS' Charlie Brooks was gobsmacked after stumbling across a DINOSAUR on the set of new drama Lie With Me.

The 40-year-old stars in Channel 5's new drama opposite Neighbours actor Brett Tucker.

The series sees Charlie play Anna Fallmont, who moves to Australia with her family after infidelity rocks her marriage in London.

Charlie flew to Melbourne to film the show, and got to spend a lot of time in a beautiful mansion which acted as Anna's family home.

However, the actress got a few surprises while exploring the large property and its grounds.

Speaking to The Sun's TV Mag, she said: "The house envy was real. I can remember the first day we walked into that place I was like ‘Holy s**t, she’s really rich.’

"The pool, which I never got to go into unfortunately, there’s a running track in the back yard, a life size dinosaur actually growling and moving in the garden – really f***ing weird."

Once Anna and her family moved to Australia they hire a young nanny called Becky (Phoebe Roberts) who isn’t as innocent as she appears, and deadly consequences follow. 

While she was filming a drama which required a lot of emotion, away from set Charlie had an absolute blast with the rest of the cast.

She said: "It was the best part of the job for me. I just fell in love with both of them, especially the second shoot.

"Brett and I were staying in the same place and we struck up a really great friendship, I just absolutely adore him.

"And Phoebe who is fresh, excited and talented, she’s an amazing artist as well as a beautiful actress. She’s really something on the inside and on the outside, she’s very special."

She added: "So that for me, for sure was the best thing to come out of it. We enjoyed a lot of brunches and a lot of dinners and I drank a lot of coffee."

Lie With Me starts on Monday, July 12 at 9pm on Channel 5 and will air across four consecutive nights. TV Mag is available every Saturday, only in The Sun.

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