EastEnders exit: Why did Suzette Llewellyn leave EastEnders as Sheree Trueman?

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Suzette’s alter-ego was not killed off at the end of Thursday night’s episode EastEnders as there was a more sinister plot at hand ahead of her departure. As the wife of Patrick Trueman (played by Rudolph Walker) and mother of Isaac Baptiste (Stevie Basaula), Sheree’s exit will send shockwaves across Walford as the consequences of her actions will be felt for weeks to come. With the character having bowed out of the BBC soap, here is everything you need to know about why Suzette left.

How did Sheree Trueman leave EastEnders?

For the past few weeks, EastEnders bosses have been building up towards Sheree’s exit from the show after her son Isaac returned to Walford following his schizophrenia relapse.

The matriarch of the Trueman family tried to break up her son and his girlfriend, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) and persuaded Patrick to leave the country with her and Isaac so they could start a new life in Trinidad.

Unfortunately, all her meddling came to light in recent scenes and her husband ended up telling her they needed a trial separation.

During Thursday night’s episode, her fury was evident and she used her powers of manipulation again to trick her spouse into selling the salon owned by Denise Fox (Diane Parish).

Feeling her family no longer needed her, having been pushed out of a moving-in party which was being organised for her son and his partner, she packed her bags.

In her final scenes on the soap, Sheree chased down taxi driver Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) as she told him she needed to go on an airport run.

Clasped in her hands were the documents she had tricked Patrick into signing and she told her driver she needed to “post them through a letterbox,” knowing full well the funds would go into a joint bank account she could steal them from.

The matriarch of the Trueman clan also gave her wedding ring to Harvey, instructing him to give it to her spouse when he returned from the airport.

Glancing back at the family home one more time, Suzette’s character scowled in anger before getting in the taxi and driving off for pastures new.

She [was] bold, bright and a lot of fun

Suzette Llewellyn

Why did Suzette Llewellyn leave EastEnders as Sheree Trueman?

Suzette has been a member of the cast for over two years, making her first appearance as Sheree in August 2019.

It wasn’t announced prior to Thursday night’s episode Suzette would be making her departure from the show but it was heavily teased in recent episodes.

With regards to why she officially made an exit, this has not been revealed by the BBC but it is likely her contract had come to an end.

Many stars of the show have found themselves in the same position where producers feel they do not want to extend a contract as the character’s storyline comes to a natural end.

However, it will spark a new angle for the Trueman family as they come to terms with the betrayal and loss of the hair salon.

Speaking at the time of her introduction, Suzette said she was “delighted” to be making waves with her new character.

The actress said: “I [was] delighted to be joining the cast of EastEnders and I [was] very excited to see what [was] in store for Sheree.

“She [was] bold, bright and a lot of fun so I [couldn’t] wait to see how she settled into Walford,” the actress continued.

Executive producer Jon Sen teased Sheree could end up leaving with trouble left in her wake as he said at the time of her arrival: “I [was] thrilled to announce that Suzette [had] joined the show as Sheree – a force of nature with a big heart who’s never far away from trouble.”

Sheree’s arrival in Walford wasn’t plain sailing as it was clear from the offset she was hiding a big secret from her husband.

Denise thought it was her mother, Wanda Baptiste (Anni Domingo), who was a killer after she enticed pensioner Ted Murray (Christopher Timothy) to join her on her travels abroad.

However, the arrival of Isaac stirred up some more mystery and after months of speculation, it was explained he was Patrick’s son as he and Sheree had enjoyed a romance 30 years previously.

Most recently, she has been working to ensure her son Isaac didn’t relapse but her meddling only made things worse for the school teacher.

It has not been revealed if Sheree will return in the future or if this was the final time fans are ever going to see her.

EastEnders continues Friday at 8:05pm on BBC One.

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