EastEnders spoilers: Ellie Nixon’s dark past ‘exposed’ as Raymond’s future in jeopardy

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Denise (played by Diane Parish) decided the child she had after a one-night stand with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) would be better off without her and Raymond was adopted. However, last week in EastEnders, it was revealed Raymond’s adoptive family had been killed in a fatal car accident. His next of kin is adoptive grandmother Ellie Nixon (Mica Paris) but given her relationship with her estranged son, could Raymond be in danger?

Ellie arrived when the hospital called her to reveal her son was fighting for his life.

She hasn’t had too much contact with Raymond as she was estranged from her son.

But with her son now dead, could Ellie try to fix the problems she had with him by taking custody of Raymond as her surrogate child?

Would she really separate Raymond from his biological mother Denise if wanted custody of the tot?

Teasing Ellie’s past and relationship with Raymond, actress Mica hinted there is more than meets the eye when it comes to her character.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, she explained: “Well, now here is the thing, she is kind of estranged from the grandson.

“She’s not really been around because she’s very sad to say, she had a very hard relationship with her son.

“They weren’t really very close, it was very sticky relationship to say the least.

“It’s interesting she is the only person next of kin. She is the one who turns up in the catastrophe even though she had a very strained relationship with her son.”

Fans will be keen to find out exactly why Ellie didn’t get along with her son and if she really does want custody of Raymond.

Mica went on to explain that Ellie will cause trouble on the Square for Denise and Phil when he finds out Raymond’s adoptive family had died.

“It’s a big thing the character of Ellie,” she remarked.

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“She literally come in with this force like a hurricane and shook up everything. For Denise and Phil, it’s big.”

Could Ellie choose to fight for custody of Raymond despite her estranged relationship with him just to punish Denise and Phil for giving him up for adoption?

Ellie could decide to cut off his parents for good and leave them in the dark about the rest of Raymond’s upbringing.

However, if Ellie does decide to take Raymond away from her parents she will likely have to fight for him.

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Next week will see Phil determined to connect with his son, no matter what the cost is, as he begs Callum Highway (Tony Clay) to dig up some research about Raymond’s family.

Callum later revealed he couldn’t find anything so Phil heads off to the hospital to do some digging of his own.

Once there, he feels an instant bond with Raymond but when questioned by Ellie who he is, Phil lies about why he there.

Will Raymond be reunited with his parents or could Ellie put him in danger?

EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 7.35pm.

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