EastEnders star Melissa Suffield rushed to hospital with injury

There’s been real-life drama for former EastEnders star Melissa Suffield, as she shared details about an accident she suffered at home.

Melissa, who played Lucy Beale from 2004 – 2010, reported on her Instagram account that she’d slipped over on one of her son River’s toys and ‘BUSTED my ankle.’ She said it was difficult to put weight on her ankle and it was bruised and ‘a bit numb.’

The accident happened yesterday, but with no taxis available and the local X-ray unit closed, Melissa decided to wait and see if things improved by this morning.

But today she was reporting little improvement and decided to go and get the injury checked out at the hospital.

Luckily no bones were broken and Melissa was sent home. ‘So basically RICE, and keep it extra cool in this heat as it is MEGA swollen still,’ she said. RICE is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation and is standard advice for that type of injury.

She had praise for the NHS service where she was seen, saying, ‘I was checked in, seen by minor injuries, X-rayed, seen by minor injuries again, and discharged in under an hour. Excellent work all round.’

Melissa’s plan for the rest of the afternoon sounds like something we can all get on board with:

‘Time to get in the paddling pool and keep that ankle cool!’ she says.

Just don’t step on any rubber ducks or small plastic boats.

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