Emmerdale blunder as Kim Tate gets away with spiking Dawn’s drink – in the middle of The Woolpack

EMMERDALE’S Kim Tate committed a major blunderlast night when she spiked Dawn Taylor's drink – in the middle of the Woolpack.

Superbitch Kim – who is played by actor Claire King in the ITV soap – spiked Dawn’s drink after discovering she had a meeting with her social worker.

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However doing it in the middle of the pub left her open to being spotted on the CCTV should anyone check – and fans noticed.

One wrote: "Isn't there cctv in the pub?"

Another added: "Imagine not having CCTV in operation in a pub."

And Kim should watch out as Will Taylor declared war on her – after she tried to ruin Dawn’s chances of getting her son Lucas back.

But in a shock twist, Dawn’s dad Will drank the orange juice – and ended up in agony.

Fortunately Dawn and Harriet managed to cover up what had happened and the social worker visit went well.

Harriet ushered Will back in and told Dawn: “We think the orange juice was spiked. 

“The one you didn’t touch thank God because whatever was in it was meant for you. Someone is trying to wreck your chances of getting Lucas back.”

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Dawn quickly realised that Kim was responsible.

She told her dad and Harriet: “Well I know who that was – Kim. She threatened me – it’s her, I know it is. She warned me off Jamie. She said stay away from him or else. She’s not going to get away with this.”

Will talked her down – pointing out that he would have to give up his job that helps him keep Malone’s body hidden.

But he promised his daughter that he would deal with Kim.

He said: “She isn’t going to get away with it – but now is not the time to be aggravating her. 

“You need to get Lucas back first and get this exhumation out of the way. 

“Then and only then will I take care of Kim.”

He added: “She’s definitely going to pay and she’s going to pay big. You’re my daughter, and nobody messes with my daughter.”

Fans are in shock but can’t wait for criminal Will to take revenge on criminal Kim.

One wrote: "Spiking Dawn's drink is quite wicked. Why would a woman do that to another woman. Kim is stooping even lower."

A second said: "Will talking tough"

Another added: "She is definitely going to pay big"

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