Emmerdale fans baffled over new glove evidence as they work out Meena twist

Emmerdale fans were left baffled on Thursday's episode as the new evidence used to prove Liv Flaherty's innocence and release her from prison was revealed.

Only recently, Vinny Dingle was left crushed as the police told him that due to a lack of concrete evidence, Liv, who had been wrongly arrested for Ben Tucker's murder, won't be released.

On Tuesday's episode, the police raided Meena's former bedroom at the B&B and Wednesday's episode saw Liv be told by her solicitor that the police have found new evidence and that she would be going to court for a hearing.

And during Thursday's instalment, Liv was released from prison as it was revealed that the new evidence was in fact Meena's glove with Ben's blood on it.

As Liv reunited with Vinny, he said: "I can't believe they found Meena's glove with Ben's blood on it. The final piece of evidence to prove you are innocent… not that I ever doubted you like."

However, soap watchers were left baffled over the evidence find as some viewers questioned why it wasn't shown being found and others predicted that Meena herself may have planted it.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "In Ep 2 they said an item of Meena's clothing was found with Ben's blood on it. Funny they didn't find it before? Almost as though Meena's planted it herself? #emmerdale."

A different account put: "Meena's glove with Ben's blood on it. Would have been nice to see them finding it. Ya know, considering we've been watching this storyline for MONTHS! #Emmerdale."

Another viewer wrote: "They found a b****y glove #Emmerdale."

While a different account added: "Was that it? Found glove with Ben's blood and Meena's DNA on it? #Emmerdale."

Elsewhere during Thursday's episode, Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher decided to set the date of their nuptials as Valentine's Day with Dawn posting a save the date to her social media.

As the episode came to an end, it saw a menacing Meena, who escaped to Glasgow with a lorry driver after her crimes were exposed, staring at the announcement on social media.

As the lorry driver, who is called Tommy, discussed their next move, Meena revealed she was having a change of plans.

She said: "I can't believe they're getting married on Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day? I mean, how trashy is that! Change of plan, thanks for letting me use your phone, Tommy.

"I've just found out a friend is getting married so I have to go back. It's annoying but I can't miss the big day, I've got a big surprise planned!"

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