Emmerdale's Paddy Kirk devastated as he catches partner Chas trying to cheat on him with Al Chapman

EMMERDALE viewers are devastated after Paddy Kirk caught partner Chas Dingle trying to cheat on him.

The vet – who is played by actor Dominic Brunt in the ITV soap – shares daughter Eve with Chas but the couple have been going through a tough time lately.

In tonight’s episode Paddy was called away to work and Chas was left to go on a picnic in their late daughter Grace’s memory alone.

But instead of going alone, Chas opted to take Al Chapman with her – and the pair had a heart to heart.

After their picnic, Chas told Al: “I’m not happy. I’ve missed having someone else to talk to – sometimes it feels like there’s nothing for me and Paddy to say to each other.

“And then here you are all charm, good looks and surprisingly understanding.

“We should go somewhere else next time. Away from the village, you know, just the two of us?”

But Al didn’t feel the same way, and instead he told her: “I’m with Priya, and you’re with Paddy, remember? 

"Maybe in another life. Your secret’s safe with me.”

But as Al left Chas alone and then she walked off, Paddy emerged from just behind the wall where they had been talking.

He had heard every word of Chas trying to cheat on him, and viewers were devastated for the mild-mannered vet.

One wrote: "Oh no Paddy knows everything and has proven Bear's suspicions right. What is he going to do now? #Emmerdale"

A second said: "Poor Paddy, doesn't deserve that at all!!#Emmerdale @emmerdale"

Another added: "Oh dear, poor Patrick just found out that he's come second fiddle to the good-looking bloke once again #Emmerdale"

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