Flat filled with cat sick and fleas transformed after first clean in 10 years

A mum who hasn't cleaned her flea-infested flat for 10 years was left astounded at its transformation after calling in some professional cleaners.

Elaine, from Rochester, Kent, lives with her 29-year-old daughter in a two-bed flat and has not tidied at all for a decade.

Speaking on 5Star's Filthy House SOS, the 47-year-old mum said she suffers from tendonitis, a joint condition which can make bending over or reaching up to clean incredibly painful.

The programme revealed the horrible state of her house to the viewers with clusters of rubbish, a stained wall and cat fur around the fridge.

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She said that her daughter had four guinea pigs living in her bedroom, which is filled with an awful smell.

Dirt-busting duo Jon and Brennan were shocked when they found grease marks on the sofa, cat vomit on the floor and even sawdusts filled in the carpet.

Elaine told the host: "There might be some more [cat sick] in the front room – I'm not sure.

"She likes to be sick in places she can't be seen."

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Jon and Brennan were tasked to move into the house for three days but the pair were forced to stay in a nearby hotel as they took on their greatest ever cleaning challenge.

Brennan said the condition of the house was so bad that he could "barely breathe from the dust in the air".

The team decided to throw a cluster of rubbish out of the living room but soon Brennan caught a few flea bites around his neck, arm and back.

He had to call in a fumigator twice for deep-cleaning as he complained: "Every time we move something, there's just more fleas."

Elaine said: "I did feel a bit embarrassed and ashamed but all pets get fleas."

Jon decided to put a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the kitchen appliances after realising that they were all covered in a thick layer of dust.

Elaine said she couldn't remember the last time she cleaned the inside of her microwave.

The team also got rid of a yellowing England flag and revamped the kitchen with washing liquid and soap.

They managed to pull it off within three days and de-cluttered the whole flat with no flea problems.

Elaine thanked the pair for cleaning up the place for her and said they gave her "motivation back".

"I feel happy I've been given a kickstart to a new future," she added.

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