GMB guest fumes at Piers Morgan as she tells him to ‘man up’ over coronavirus

During Monday morning's Good Morning Britain , hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid sat down with four newspaper editors or former editors, including Daily Star's Dawn Neesom.

The six-way debate got started talking about the coronavirus and the media's coverage of it, discussing whether there was real reason to be concerned or if it was being over-exaggerated.

Piers admitted he was genuinely worried about it, however Dawn said it was a case of the situation being worsened by sensationalised headlines.

He asked: "Where is the line between panic and legitimate concern?"

As she made her point, she strongly told Piers to "man up", who in turn said it wasn't a case of "manning up".

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Dawn said she wasn't panic buying or stockpiling groceries and wasn't doing anything other than taking "proper medical advice".

She said: "I am taking the proper medical advice. I am washing my hands, making sure if I sneeze or cough in public I throw the tissue in the bin.

"Stockpiling? No, I'm sorry. What is the point in terrifying people? What's the point in scaring people so much."

Dawn defiantly added: "Keep calm, wash your hands, and carry on."

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She went on: "The priority is to keep calm and carry on and not to panic, not to scare people."

However Piers went on to say he was genuinely concerned he could die if he catches the coronavirus.

He said: "I'm 54 years old, probably not the world's healthiest human and anyone over 50, according to the statistics, are far more susceptible to death."

Piers added: "It's about telling people the reality – this is actually happening."

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