Grey's Anatomy Reveals Final Fate of Justin Chambers' Alax Karev and Fans Are Furious

The show shoots straight to the top of Twitter’s trending topics — for all the wrong reasons!

It took them long enough but "Grey’s Anatomy" finally revealed the final fate of OG star Justin Chambers’ Alex Karev almost four months after his last appearance — and it did not go over well at all!

To say it was a jarring day on January 10 when fans discovered that Chambers was leaving the show in the middle of this current 16th season would be a mild understatement. Especially when they were told that he’d already had his last appearance on the show, way back on November 14.

Wha-huh? was the collective internet response. Well, that response is mild — to say the least — compared to the social media reaction now that his final fate has been revealed.

While Chambers has been absent from our screens, Alex has remained in the mix, with several episodes addressing what he’s been up to while away, from "helping his mom" in Iowa to finding out that he hasn’t been helping his mom in Iowa at all.

In fact, he randomly messages his wife Jo that he was "going through something" and then stopped taking her calls, and even shut out Meredith. So what’s going on and what gives? And why would "Grey’s Anatomy" play with this character like this on his way out the door technically after he’s out the door?

How can you do a long-running, established character like this without giving him a proper on-screen farewell?

Well, it turns out they did one even dirtier than that as Jo, Meredith, Bailey, and Webber each received a letter from him finally that spilled the beans on the life he’s been leading and it’s a doozy with an epic callback. He’s with Izzie?!? They have kids?!?!

Okay, it’s not as bad as a secret double-life, but still. Apparently, the writers were scrambling to come up with some way to make this work (or this was always the terrible plan, but we hope not) and they connected it back to when Alex was looking for people to speak on Meredith’s behalf to save her medical license.

One of the people he contacted was Izzie and she revealed to him she had five-year old twins … and they were his. They were the products of embryos Alex had signed away the rights to.

So he decided he had to meet them. And when he did, he decided that this was his life, with her, with them and without a proper farewell for Jo or Meredith or "Grey’s Anatomy" fans.

At least he acknowledged as much in his letter to Jo, while also serving her divorce papers, writing, "You’re more than a letter. This right here, this cowardice, this letter, it’s officially the worst thing I’ve ever done."

In fact, neither Chambers nor Katherine Heigl returned to try and sell this absolute insanity, though Chambers did provide voiceover for those letters. But it wasn’t enough to shove this random and offensive conclusion down the throats of the show’s fandom.

They quickly got the popular — but not usually buzzy — show trending number one on Twitter to share just how not entertained they were about this whole mess:

Who’s starting the petition to have Jo wake up from a bad dream in the beginning of next week’s episode to find Alex there, ready for a proper, logical farewell in line with more than a decade of character development? Or maybe have him get hit by a truck. You know, something better than this — so pretty much anything.

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