Harry’s topic choices on TV ’cause for discussion’ after Spotify deal – expert

Prince Harry’s choice of topics that he has discussed on national TV and podcasts since moving to the US could prove an “issue” as Spotify look to get value for their reported £18million deal, according to a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex and wife Meghan Markle signed a huge deal with the streaming giants last year to produce and host podcasts.

To date, they have created one episode of their Archewell Audio but Harry has since appeared on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, which has been signed up by Spotify.

They have also bravely spoken up about their mental health struggles to Oprah Winfrey in a now-infamous interview in March as well as the new Apple TV series The Me You Can’t See.

The Daily Mirror’s royal correspondent Russell Myers and Pod Save the Queen host Ann Gripper were asked if any problems were going to arise from Spotify by the couple only having produced one podcast so far.

“Let’s just say it [Dax Shepard podcast] is part of the Spotify ecosystem and he’s been told ‘listen, nudge nudge, we’ve paid you a load of money so you’ve got to jump on this one now,” Russell said. “We need it to kick off and get some good coverage so we want you tot talk about your torment and your mother’s death’.

“I mean, how many times can you open yourself up to that?

“I’m presenting a purely made-up scenario.

“But that’s part of the criticism – he’s already spoken about it at a JP Morgan event for which he wasn’t paid for.

“Of course, it fits well into the mental health crusade that he’s on but I just think that that’s why some people criticise him because they’re thinking ‘how many more times can he do it?’”

Russell pointed out he was not criticising him, particularly given the importance of discussing mental health.

He added, though: “It’s an issue that no doubt will have cause for discussion in certain quarters.”

Russell previously suggested many fear Harry could be seen as a “one-trick pony”, following the announcement of his new Netflix documentary.

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