Hollyoaks’ Celeste is brainwashing Toby and secretly controlling him using weird ‘tapping’ method, claim fans – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS Celeste is brainwashing her brother Toby and secretly controlling him using the weird "tapping" method, fans claim.

Viewers have been enthralled by the current storyline, which saw Celeste and Toby to reveal themselves as Mitchell's long long triplets.

Mum Martine was forced to put Celeste and Toby up for adoption, but they were taken in by an evil doctor who experimented on them.

While Celeste was raised in a perfect, loving family, Toby was denied any emotional love or support – all in aid of a book.

However, something fishy is going with their relationship as Celeste was able to calm Toby with just a tap of her finger.

Fans believe this is Celeste brainwashing her brother – as they used to tap to each other to communicate.

One person said: "Celeste's ability to control Toby with the tap of her nail might be my favorite part of this whole storyline. I need that kinda power lol"

Another added: "One tap of her finger nail and Toby stops, clever Celeste."

A third remarked: "They all noticed how Celeste calmed Toby by tapping"

Toby and Celeste had invited their father Felix back to Hollyoaks to cause even more drama for the Deveraux family.





This is all in revenge for the evil experiments done on them by the evil doctor.

Toby told Martine about the experiments: "We were an experiment for some twisted book – The Red Door. My sister was taken care of, cared for, loved, I was the lab rat.

"We communicated like this – tap tap tap – we knew we weren't meant to be together so we developed it. Necessity is the mother of invention."

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