Hollyoaks' Sid to suffer horrific life-changing injury after drugs binge

HOLLYOAKS’ Sid Sumner is going to suffer a devasting and life-changing injury after a drugs binge, it has been revealed.

The drug dealer – who is played by Billy Price in the Channel 4 soap – is set to have his life changed after taking a dangerous amount of ketamine, and becoming unaware of his surroundings, resulting in hospitalisation for a life-changing injury. 

During the episode, Sid is feeling at his lowest, heart-broken and rejected, and turns to drugs as a last resort and a way to numb his pain. This has devastating consequences for him and will be something that will seriously affect his life.

This comes after months of danger, crime, and manipulation as him and school friend Juliet Quinn, played by Niamh Blackshaw, have been dealing drugs to students in the village and recruiting younger children to do so too. 

This has been orchestrated by his cousin, Jordan Price, played by Connor Calland, in an issue-led County Lines storyline. 

Becky Fedia, Disrupting Exploitation Programme Manager at The Children’s Society, which has been advising on the county lines storyline, said: “Criminals exploiting children put them at enormous risk, cynically grooming them, controlling them using threats and violence, and exposing them to the dangerous effects of drugs.

“It’s important that Hollyoaks is depicting the stark reality of child exploitation, and the traumatic impact it can have on young lives.

“But there is hope of a brighter future for young people like Sid and Juliet if we all play our part in looking for signs children may be at risk, reporting any concerns, and understanding that they need help as victims of exploitation and are not simply troublemakers.”

Actor Billy Price, who plays Sid Sumner, said “Sid still is and may always be head over heels for Juliet, although she doesn’t see him in that way. 

“With Juliet climbing the ranks, their involvement within county lines is dug deeper. 

“The stakes are higher, and the consequences are dearer. 

“Sid always seems to get himself into the worst situations, and can never catch a break, however, as we have seen over the past few months, Sid always sticks up for the people he cares for, although this time, his actions have consequences, which will change his life forever.”

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