How Palpatine Returned From The Dead In The Rise Of Skywalker Has Finally Been Explained

Emperor Palpatine returned from the dead to assemble The Final Order in The Rise of Skywalker, but the movie never explained how that happened.

Star Wars fans were split over whether to love or hate The Rise of Skywalker. The ninth chapter in the central saga appears to have brought the more than forty-year epic to a close. There will be more Star Wars movies and TV shows, of course, but chances are none of them will be labeled “Episode X” as Disney moves on to explore other avenues in the popular universe.

Whether fans loved or loathed The Rise of Skywalker, they can probably all agree on one major plothole being incredibly annoying. The return of Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine was the perfect antagonist to assemble and lead The Final Order, but there’s one major issue with that. Palpatine was killed at the end of Return of the Jedi, so how was he alive for Episode IX?

That plothole has now been explained via the novel Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Expanded Edition) by Rae Carson. The book handily fills in any gaps fans are eager to have filled, including how Palpatine was resurrected. Turns out he wasn’t, not really. The Palpatine who led The Final Order in The Rise of Skywalker was not the one who was thwarted in Return of the Jedi.

It was actually a clone of Palpatine. The same spirit contained within a different vessel. This is explained by Kylo Ren in the novel as he takes a closer look at the machine and pipes that appear to be keeping Palpatine alive. It’s also an idea first introduced via the comics in the extended Star Wars universe. Palpatine has various clones around the galaxy ready to embody his essence should one of his vessels be killed.

The only tweak was Palpatine’s new vessel seemingly being incapable of housing his power. That’s why he sucks the lifeforce from Rey and Ren at the end of the movie. It also means we might not have seen the last of Palpatine. It’s possible his spirit has simply found another clone to inhabit and he will return in future movies.

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