Is Danny Dyer leaving EastEnders? Fans think they know who the next Queen Vic landlords will be

MICK and Linda Carter have made the heartbreaking decision to sell the Queen Vic in EastEnders after Linda turned back to the bottle and admitted the pub is a constant temptation.

But are Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright leaving EastEnders and who would the next pub landlords be? Here are the latest rumours and fan theories…

Is Danny Dyer leaving EastEnders?

With Mick and Linda having made the heartbreaking decision to sell the Queen Vic, it could be time for Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright to move on to pastures new. 

But EastEnders are yet to confirm whether they’ll go through with the sale, never mind leave the Square – and only time will tell.

Fans have taken to Twitter to ask whether their decision to sell up means they'll be leaving.

One fan tweeted: "Had to break my social media ban to ask is Mick and Linda leaving just the pub or Walford?"

Who will the next pub landlords be?

Following Mick and Linda's decision to sell up, fans have flocked to Twitter to place their bets on who they think the next landlords of the Queen Vic will be.

Sharon and Phil

First up are Sharon and Phil who finally put the past behind them this week after a violent showdown over Dennis’s death. 

When Phil popped up at her son’s funeral, Sharon launched at him with a knife. 

But the pair later bonded over a stroll down memory lane and fond memories of Dennis, with Phil even kissing her on the head when she fell asleep on the sofa. 

Most viewers seem convinced that Sharon and Phil are the most likely pair to take over the reigns of the pub. 

One fan tweeted: "Phil & Sharon will get back together, Phil will buy the pub & Sharon will be back in The Vic where she started #EastEnders."

Another added: "Sharon Watts? She'll end up back with Phil in the pub."

But with Phil set to hand himself in for Dennis’s murder, it looks like viewers might be getting a bit ahead of themselves with that theory. 

Ben and Callum

Ben finally opened up to Callum about his true feelings in EastEnders last night.

The Mitchell hardman has been struggling with his partial hearing loss following the boat disaster and lashing out at Ben. 

But when Callum told him he wasn’t going to leave him no matter what, Ben finally told him: “I love you.”

What better gesture could Callum give Ben in return than buying him the pub?

One fan said: "Maybe Ben & Callum? They’re the only ones I can think of who could possibly 1- afford it 2-be I trusted."

The Panesars

There is of course the Panesars, who bought the Slater’s house upon their arrival in the Square and savagely upped the rent. 

Could they be about to buy the Queen Vic too and continue their reign of terror there?

The Taylors

Karen might have been brutally turned by the Queen Vic as a barmaid when she applied for the position, but fans are convinced she’d make a great landlord. 

And if the Taylors took over the reigns, Keegan would be able to put his business skills to use and ditch his doomed sandwich van. 

One fan said: "Apparently the carters aren’t gonna own the pub anymore and if there’s anyone else that deserves to run the Queen Vic it’s the Taylor family. Give me a Karen Taylor landlord and keegan is a damn good business man, maybe pub owner? We love to see it. #eastenders ."

The Slaters

It seems unlikely that the Slaters could manage to buy the pub from Mick and Linda given that the family don’t have much money to their name. 

But with Daniel having helped them pay their rent that time they faced eviction, maybe his ghost will lend a helping hand to the family yet again…

New owners

There’s the possibility that new characters could arrive in the Square to take over the reigns of the pub. 

And with EastEnders keeping tight-lipped about the potential new owners, fans will have to tune in to find out what happens.

Why are Mick and Linda selling the Queen Vic in EastEnders?

EastEnders fans know that Linda has been turning her life around after her drinking nearly killed her and Mick during the soap’s 35th anniversary boat disaster. 

But Mick was devastated this week when Linda hit an obstacle and turned back to the bottle in the wake of Dennis’s funeral. 

Talking to Mick about her drinking problem after the funeral, she told him: “If I wasn't drinking it, I'm serving it. I'm selling it. I'm smelling it… My best friend was saying goodbye to her little boy today. And even then, I still couldn't get it out of my head.”

Linda’s setback and their subsequent conversation was a wakeup call for Mick, who realised that Linda would struggle to recover while surrounded by her vice every day at the pub – alcohol. 

Official spoilers have revealed that an estate agent will arrive to value the pub next week, and that news of Mick and Linda’s decision to sell up will send shock waves through the Square

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