Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese Confronts Angelina Pivarnick for Bad-Mouthing Her Man: 'Just Stop'

Angelina Pivarnick‘s relationship with Chris Larangeira is being called into question on this week’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s episode, Angelina and the girls send the boys home and head to the club to celebrate Jenni “JWoww” Farley‘s divorce party. But then Angelina’s “best guy friend” Michael shows up, much to everyone’s confusion.

“That’s my best friend, Mike,” Angelina says to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Deena Cortese. “We’re very good friends. Me and Chris are very good friends with him.”

Nicole and Deena, clearly unimpressed, brush off the introduction and head to the dance floor.

“This is supposed to be a girls night,” Deena says. “We didn’t invite our husbands, Jenni didn’t invite Zack. It’s very awkward to me, what’s going on? Why is this guy here? So weird.”

When they spot Angelina briefly holding hands with Michael, they’re even more perplexed.

“They’re holding hands!” Jenni exclaims. “They just held hands. It’s weird.”

When she confronts them about it, they both deny holding hands and insist they’re just longtime friends.

“My guy friend came out — he was right down the block, so I said, ‘Stop over,'” Angelina says in a confessional. “I didn’t do anything wrong. Holding hands with one of my guy friends of 10 years is not cheating.”

But at the club, the cameras catch her bad-mouthing Chris, her then-fiancé and now-husband, calling him a “f—ing dick” and a “jerk-off.” Deena angrily cuts her off.

“You’re not talking good about Chris,” she warns. “Just stop.”

“Angelina continuously keeps talking s— about Chris,” Deena says in a confessional. “I like Chris and Angelina together. I don’t want to see a really good relationship get torn apart. I want her to know that there’s girl code, guy code, and then there’s the relationship code. And like, you don’t cross those lines.”

Nicole echoes the sentiment.

“Honestly, I’m very excited to be Angelina’s bridesmaid,” she says. “I love the bitch, I think she’s awesome, but when is she going to learn?”

Can’t get enough Jersey Shore? You’re in luck. MTV is running a “Family Staycation” marathon on Thursday from 10 a.m. ET to 8 p.m. ET ahead of the new episode so viewers can catch up on season 3.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays (8 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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