Jessica on Her Relationship With Mark After 'Love Is Blind,' Says 'We're Connected for Life'

The first season of Love Is Blind is officially over and the participants are now able to reflect on their time on the show. Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas’ relationship had a lot of issues throughout the season.

Now they’re ready to talk about it. Find out what life has been like for them after filming, and what Batten had to say about their connection. [Spoiler alert: Warning spoilers for season 1!]

Jessica and Mark’s relationship took a turn on ‘Love Is Blind’

Batten and Cuevas had a strong connection at the beginning of the season. They bonded over being from Chicago. But they almost didn’t get engaged because Batten also was interested in Matthew Barnett.

She accepted Cuevas’ proposal after Barnett got cold feet. However, she later didn’t seem happy with her decision. Batten brought up their 10-year age difference multiple times. She also seemed more attracted to Barnett than Cuevas.

The season ended with them having to make their final decision at the wedding. Cuevas was willing to say “I do” but Batten rejected him.

Mark said he feels no ill will toward Jessica

Many fans turned on Batten while watching the season. However, Cuevas doesn’t seem to have many negative feelings toward his ex.

“I saw Jess at the reunion,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I think it was just a lot of emotions at first. But by the end of it, we both looked at each other like, dude we went through this together.”

He also talked about his feelings for her now. “She’s always going to have a special place in my heart,” said the fitness trainer. “It was such a mind-opening experience. I have no ill will towards her and I wish her nothing but the best and success in any relationship, career, whatever she decides to do.”

She said ‘we’re connected for life’

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Batten and Cuevas talked about what their relationship is like today. He admitted they didn’t keep in touch after filming.

“I think both of us needed our own time to figure things out. She needed her time and I needed my time and we’re both the type of people that need to figure it out in our own way,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “We both hadn’t really reached out [since] but I knew eventually we’d see each other again and it would be fine.”

Batten talked about having a new start by moving to Los Angeles. She did talk about the connection she will always have with Cuevas.

“We’re connected for life because no one is ever going to understand how crazy this was,” she said. “This is season one. This is not like The Bachelor that’s been running for, like, 17 seasons. We had to really put ourselves out there and we were in it together. We’re always going to be friends for life.”

It sounds like the former couple aren’t together but learned a lot from the experience. Both of them revealed in the reunion that they’re single.

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