Josie Cunningham reveals she’s in a sexual relationship with her STEPSON just days after giving birth to his dad’s baby – The Sun

JOSIE Cunningham has revealed she's been sleeping with her baby daddy's stepson, and the relationship started just days after she gave birth.

Josie, 30, who welcomed her daughter Destiny into the world in October, said she felt an instant attraction to her child's stepbrother.

Josie's lover – whose identity currently remains unknown – isn't the biological son of her ex-fiancé, but he was raised by him since the age of five and refers to him as "dad".

Explaining the situation to The Mirror, Josie said: "I'm not proud of sleeping with my step-son, but he is hot. Blood may be thicker than water, but semen is thicker than blood."

Josie said she didn't see a problem with beginning a sexual relationship with her stepson because there is no blood link between them.

"Yes, in essence I've had sex with my baby's half-brother, but I'm not blood related to him so I don't really care what people think," she admitted.

Josie began a romance with her baby daddy in April 2018 and he popped the question just 10 days after meeting, before she fell pregnant.

However, they split before Destiny arrived – and days after the birth, Josie said she was "ripping" her stepson's clothes off.

Her latest admission follows a string of past scandals, which have included attempting to sell tickets to the birth of her child via a live stream, and claiming she could have an abortion so she could go in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But Josie first found fame in 2009 after she received a free boob job on the NHS with £4,800 and was dubbed "the most hated woman in Britain".

She said her taxpayer-funded breasts are "the most famous t***s in the country", which means she can charge "a premium" for them.

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