Martin Lewis’ appearance leaves GMB viewers distracted as he issues coronavirus warning

Martin Lewis was trying to reassure Good Morning Britain viewers about the threat coronavirus poses to existing and future travel plans. As the coronavirus outbreak continues, many travel-goers are concerned their travel plans will be cancelled and holiday makers may have to make some really tough decisions about whether they want to scrap their plans entirely. 

However, some viewers were distracted by Martin’s appearance while he offered up travel advice. 

The money saving expert is usually clean shaven but today sported a more relaxed look.

One tweeted: “Martin Lewis looks like he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, forwards and sideways #GMB.”

Another wrote: “Martin looks a bit rugged today,” while another said: “Why is he not shaving.”


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However, another viewer was a fan of his appearance and said: “Wow Martin love the new look.”

The money saving expert was quick to reassure viewers at home what they can expect if they’re looking to book a holiday.

Host Susanna Reid asked Martin if people should carry on going on holiday amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this,“ Martin began. “I talked last week about travel insurance and what the key trigger points are there.

“Most travel insurance policies will cover you if the Foreign Office has told you not to travel to a country, it won’t cover you otherwise.

“If you’re airline flight gets cancelled, some will depend on your policy but let’s go through the logic here with coronavirus.”

He continued: “The most important thing is your health for everything I’m saying is trivial to that. 

“If you’re in a vulnerable category, an older person, you’ve got a lung condition, immune condition, diabetes, you’ve got to focus on your health first.

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“For those under 50s who are saying there’s no real health impact for me apart from a mild flu.”

“Well the real impact on you if this goes to an epidemic is the necessary protective measures we must put in place to stop the contagion being quick, to stop the peak level of this.”

Martin added: “That will certainly include many things but travel restrictions are very likely so here’s what I would do.

“First of all, when are you travelling? The sooner you’re traveling it’s easy to go and look at what level of contagion is in the country you are traveling to and how good its health reporting is.


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“If it’s low and you’re going in two or three weeks you can probably book and it’s not a problem.”

He continued: “The longer away, the bigger the window of uncertainty, for example summer holidays are four months away.

“The first reported case of coronavirus was the 31st December, two months away look how quickly this can move. Where we’ll be in the summer we don’t know.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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