‘Massive comfort’ The Yorkshire Vet star Peter Wright opens up on lockdown ‘lifeline’

The Yorkshire Vet attends to a horse with Amanda

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Channel 5 recently aired a Christmas special of The Yorkshire Vet following the adventures of the team at Skeldale Veterinary Practice over the winter months. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, star of the show Peter Wright spoke about the special episode and opened up about the importance of nature themed TV shows. Peter insisted programmes like The Yorkshire Vet have helped people get through coronavirus lockdowns over the past two years.

Peter made it clear he’s very proud to be a part of The Yorkshire Vet, which first aired in 2015.

The series follows Peter and his veterinarian colleagues as they help a wide range of animals in Yorkshire.

Reflecting on the success the show has had over the years, Peter confessed he often gets recognised by viewers.

He explained: “Myself and Julian [Norton], you know, people almost take ownership of us and say ‘You don’t know us but we know you. We know you very well.’

“That’s very comforting really and it’s quite something to be held in that esteem by people,” the vet remarked.

Peter also highlighted the show has helped some people cope amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “I’ll never ever lose sight of the fact of the pleasures it’s given people over the pandemic.

“It’s been a lifeline to some people, programmes like ours that involve nature.

“I think everyone’s been down and I think some people have suffered through isolation.

“I think programmes such as ours have been a massive comfort to people.

“It’s been a lifeline because, again, it’s coming back to nature and I think a lot of people have realised what animals particularly can offer in this very sad time.

“The companionship that’s there and and the familiarity of the loyalty,” Peter commented.

“You know, some people have really suffered in isolation just through issues that everybody’s aware about and I think we’ve been a bit of a lifeline in some ways,” he concluded.

The star commented he’s enjoyed seeing more Yorkshire based nature shows on TV in recent years.

Additionally to The Yorkshire Vet, Channel 5 airs a variety of wildlife programmes filmed in the northern county including Our Yorkshire Farm and Springtime on the Farm.

Peter praised the channel for putting Yorkshire “on the map” with its choice of programming in recent years.

The vet spoke highly about the Channel 5’s Head of Programming, Ben Frow.

“He’s got to take an enormous amount of credit for putting us on the map and for putting his trust in us.

“I think he recognised what Yorkshire had to offer,” Peter remarked.

The Yorkshire Vet at Christmas: It’s a Wonderful Life is available on Channel 5’s catch-up service My5 now.

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