Meet the cast of McDonalds & Dodds: Jason Watkins, Tala Gouveia and other stars

The brand new ITV series McDonald & Dodds is nearly here, and we’re so excited to check out the new detective show. The series follows Jason Watkins and Tala Gouveia as an unlikely duo thrown together to solve complex crimes on the streets of south London – and discover that they need each other more than they ever expected. So who is playing who? Find out more about the cast here…

The cast of McDonalds & Dodds

Tala Gouveia – DCI McDonald

As an ambitious, driven police officer, Tala said that it was a “fantastic” part to play. She said: “The writer Robert Murphy did a great job of making her such a well-rounded character who came off the page very quickly. These characters really come alive in the first few scenes. She is a great female lead and as a young woman of colour, is the boss of a middle aged white man. That’s partly what drew me towards it. It’s a little bit different and not necessarily the representation I have seen growing up or watching detective shows.”

Tala plays McDonald

She continued: “There have always been women on screen but often they have been there to support the storyline of the men. However, the women in McDonald & Dodds are very much part of it. They are there to support the story, not support another character’s storyline.” Tala has previously starred in Go Jetters, Cold Feet and Plebs.

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Jason Watkins – DS Dodds

Jason plays DS Dodds, a quiet and unassuming officer with a clever mind who has the opposite approach to McDonald. Speaking about the role, Jason told Bradford Zone: “I also liked the fact that Dodds is not a front footed, thrusting copper. He is slow, interesting, very bright and slightly unworldly in some ways. He has this rather brilliant analytical brain and an open naivety about him. He’s such an interesting mix – a really honest person.”

Jason plays Dodds

He continued: “Dodds is invisible in the sense that people don’t notice him. He’s that person in the corner who doesn’t put himself forward. The writer Robert Murphy is really interested in the theme of Dodds as this presence people don’t see. Along with Dodds being middle aged and encouraged to take early retirement, I think he has explored that very well.” Jason is best known for his roles in Being Human, W1A and most recently The Crown, where he played Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

Robert Lindsay – Max Crockett

The My Family actor plays Max, a wealthy, superficial entrepreneur who Robert describes as “the coldest character I have ever played”. Chatting about his relationship with McDonald and Dodds, one person wrote: “Max Crockett’s status is higher than Dodds and that immediately gives Crockett power over him. But Dodds wrong-foots everyone all of the time. It’s such a great character for Jason to play. He had a blast playing that role and it was great to play opposite him. Also, a bit spooky. You could see the subtext going through his eyes when you were doing close up scenes which is quite disarming. Dodds is a lot wiser than the rest of them.”

Robert is perhaps best known for My Family

He continued: “Max’s relationship with McDonald is very interesting. It reveals how racist and class-ridden Crockett is. He constantly has a go at her and knows how to wrongfoot people by upsetting them. If you make someone angry then they’ve lost the argument. He has a hold over her. But with Dodds he doesn’t.”

Robert is a BAFTA, Tony Award and Olivier Award-winning actor, and has a seriously impressive filmography, most recently starring as King John in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Pearl Chanda – DC Laura Simpson

Pearl plays a police officer in Bath. The talented actress graduated from RADA in 2013 and has previously appeared in Mr Turner, Endeavour and Holby City.

Pearl plays DC Laura Simpson

James Murray – Chief Superintendent Houseman

James plays McDonald and Dodds’ boss, who wants Dodds to take early retirement. He isn’t exactly the most supportive character on the show, and James explained: “He is one of those people who will throw anyone under the bus. He can turn everything to his own advantage. Seamlessly.” James has previously starred in Cucumber, Primeval and Him.  

James plays Chief Superintendent Houseman

Jack Riddiford – DC Darren Craig

Jack plays Bath-based police officer Darren, and has previously starred in Dunkirk and Murder on the Orient Express. He has also had a successful TV career, and has played Billy Pendrick in Doctor Martin and Jago Martin in Poldark.

Jack plays DC Darren Craig

Susannah Fielding – Tamara Valentine

Tamara owns an art dealership with her husband, Jack, and wants to take over the family business. Susannah has previously starred in plenty of popular shows, including the Black Mirror episode Nosedive, Midsomer Murders and Wallander.

Jack Ashton – Jack Valentine

Jack Valentine is Tamara’s husband in the show, and is perhaps known for his role as Reverend Tom Hereward in Call the Midwife. The actor, who incidentally is married to Call the Midwife star Helen George, has also starred in Broadchurch and Welcome to Curiosity.

Susannah and Jack play couple Tamara and Jack

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