Michaela Coel Breaks Down Arabella’s ‘Symbolic’ Hair Journey on I May Destroy You

"I [also] arrived thinking in order for this to be great, I am going to have to fight to be heard. And on I May Destroy You, they kind of let me know, 'Michaela you don't need to fight,'" she tells PEOPLE. "So, that was beautiful and it also enabled me to see how TV shows run, to see where I can be of service and to allow all the different departments to base their work from my vision and it was very nice to be held accountable, to be responsible because that's what I wanted."

"I was responsible for the project in the first place, so it was very nice that everybody either saw me as having one of these responsibilities. I loved Chewing Gum, I loved it so much. I think the crew and cast have happy memories but also there are not so happy memories and sometimes, it was interesting running the show from a position of disempowerment. So, it’s a relief to run [I May Destroy You] from a position of having power. It’s nice," Coel adds.

I May Destroy You airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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