‘Morning Joe’ Producer Posts Powerful Capitol Riots Opening, Joe Scarborough Later Drops F-Bomb In Policing Segment

Morning Joe exec producer Daniel Norwick this morning posted the powerful opening to the MSNBC show, featuring startling images of yesterday’s riot set against the Johnny Cash song Hurt.

During this morning’s show, host Joe Scarborough made an impassioned speech about the level of policing during the riot. 

“If these insurrectionists were black they would have been shot in the face,” he claimed in raised voice. “And my god, if these insurrectionists were Muslim, they would have been sniped from the top of buildings.”

At one stage his frustration got the better of him and he dropped an F-bomb.

“So, I want to know, from Capitol Hill police, is it just white people, or just Donald Trump supporters? Why do you scream at people for walking three blocks from the Capitol, but then Trump supporters come in and you open the f****** doors for them. You let them breach the people’s house.”

A colleague can be heard gasping when Scarborough drops the F-bomb.

MSNBC and other cable networks are not subject to Federal Communications Commission policies about profanity, but use of the word is still taboo on most networks.

Tensions remain high the day after Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington, interrupting the process of confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory. Four deaths have been reported as a result of the violence so far.

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