Netflix’s Love Is Blind reunion photo exposes ‘true feelings’ of final couples

Today saw Netflix release the reunion special of its latest must-see series Love Is Blind , which saw six of the show's couples get together more than a year after the normal episodes were filmed.

The finale of the weekly-released episodes saw Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed go through with their wedding, alongside Matt Barnett and Amber Pike.

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli, Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase, and Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten failed to make it through the ceremony, with one half of each couple saying no.

Meanwhile, Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack didn't even make it to the weddings, splitting up during the luxury holiday the couples took after the pod stages.

Ahead of the reunion, Netflix released a seriously tense looking photo from the set and, according to body language expert Judi James, there is plenty to unpick.

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It has been confirmed that Amber and Barnett are still together now, however Judi worries there could be some tension in the relationship.

She exclusively told Daily Star Online: "This looks like a relationship that could be volatile and full of drama.

"She's holding his leg in a gesture of ownership but also leaning away to create space. He sits solidly and in a very symmetrical pose to suggest calm resignation but also stubbornness.

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"His leg splay looks confident although his finger-picking suggests some tension.

"Is he staring up at the ceiling in a dismissive eye-roll?"

Judi added: "They actually look well suited, although they also look like they've been married for a long time, too."

Similarly, Cameron and Lauren are going strong almost two years later – and it seems it's a good case of opposites attract.

Judi said: "This looks like a case of opposites attracting – or not, as she looks rather disconnected here.

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"He slouches with splayed legs and one arm, looking rather arrogant, while she is sitting in a rather prim, elegant, upright pose with her arms clasped and her chin raised.

"They look like an unlikely couple in terms of body language but maybe that's what attracted them?"

Giannina fled her wedding after Damian said no at the altar, however it's since been reported that they are giving their relationship another go.

Speaking of the duo, Judi said: "She looks tense and rather sad here. His closed-lip smile looks resigned but could be borderline smug if he thinks they're back together."

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One of the most shocking moments of the series came when Kelly said she couldn't marry Kenny, despite it looking like they were set for a happy future.

Analysing the photo, Judi told us: "You can almost feel the frost between these two and they have the largest spatial gap between them.

"Her lips are clamped shut while his chin is raised in a signal of tension. I'm guessing no sharing the chat between these two."

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Jessica and Mark were the third couple who didn't end up getting married – and Judi had plenty to say about them, as they sat opposite each other.

She told us: "Is he texting while the show is going on? His eyes looks cast down to his lap so either he's bored or he's completely distraught and still stung by the pain of his rejection.

"Her pursed lips make her look unhappy and also rather distracted. She may have issues with trust, too. If he is texting she probably made a good call in terms of trust and commitment."

Finally, Diamond and Carlton ended their relationship after a major bust-up, meaning they didn't even make it down the aisle.

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Carlton came out as bisexual to Diamond, who said she needed time to think it over and take it in.

Judi said: "He looks as though he might have been stung by rejection, sitting upright with his hands clasped in the self-protective fig-leaf pose.

"She looks wary or rather uneasy, with her hands raised in an awkward-looking clasp as though she's trying to explain a point."

Whatever's going on, all will be revealed in the Love Is Blind reunion special, which is available to stream on Netflix.

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