Noughts and Crosses fans in meltdown as EastEnders’ original Ben Mitchell stars

Noughts + Crosses has some very familiar faces in the cast for the BBC adaption of the book series, written by author Malorie Blackman.

But one cast member that got everyone talking was a former soap star, who made his big TV comeback in the new drama.

Viewers tuning in on Thursday night were quick to recognise the actor who was playing Danny.

They quickly realised it was former EastEnders star Charlie Jones, also known as Charlie Chambers.

Charlie played Ben Mitchell on the BBC soap between 2006 and 2010, before the role was recast.

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While he wasn't the original Ben technically, he's one of the longest-serving actors in the role – and one of the most memorable.

Charlie played Ben for five years during his childhood, and was at the centre of some huge storylines including Stella's abuse.

The actor was recast in 2010, and three other actors have played the role since then.

Charlie was the third actor in the role, but viewers always remember him as Ben despite it being 10 years since he left.

As viewers tuned in to the episode, they raced to Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed who the actor was.

One fan commented: "The OG Ben Mitchell!"

Another said: "Omg is that the old Ben from EastEnders."

A third added: "Wow look at Ben from Eastenders."

Meanwhile, a fourth said: "omg is that the guy who used to play Ben Mitchell in eastenders ?!"

Noughts + Crosses airs Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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