Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen MORTIFIED as she finds out what has happened to her missing undies

OUR Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen was left MORTIFIED as she discovered what happened to her missing undies.

The 46-year-old shepherdess was at her wits end after disobedient calf Ciara sneaked into the house for a cheeky treat.

In a recent episode of the hit Channel 5 show, viewers saw Amanda enjoy a walk with her youngest daughter Nancy.

Amanda told her daughter: “You go and walk along and chase those cows along. You say ‘kush lass, kush lass.’” 

Nancy spotted a calf that wasn’t following the herd.

“That’s Ciara!” Amanda exclaimed. “I bet she doesn’t want to come. She prefers living by the house.” 

However, back at the farmhouse the rebellious calf invaded the home in an attempt to steal the family's clothes – including Amanda's undies.

Narrator Ralf Little told viewers: "While the family is distracted… Violet's disobedient calf steals into the house for another tasty treat."

Viewers saw the unruly baby cow try to make off with a sock, until she was stopped in it's tracks by Violet, who ushered the calf out the door.

Upon Amanda's return to the farmhouse, she told her family that she could "smell cow" and quizzed her daughter on what Ciara stole this time.

Amanda was not impressed with the undisciplined calf and fumed that she had previously swiped a series of items from the home.

The Channel 5 star raged: "She’s eaten stuff off the washing line. She’s eaten the sheet, she’s eaten my leggings. You name it!

"She ate Raven’s top – she made it into a crop top. Pants, socks – I think socks are her favourite.” 

Violet, who is responsible for the cow, said: "She’s probably eaten about 15 without actually swallowing them and about five actually swallowing them.

A shocked Amanda exclaimed: “What, have some of them actually gone?” 

“I’ll teach her some manners,” Violet replied. 

Ralf told viewers at home: “To help Violet with her quest, Clive has an age-old technique to make the headstrong calf a little more biddable.” 

Shepherd Clive was determined to train Ciara and took her out into the field for some halter training.

Amanda said to the camera: “Ciara is growing all the time, so she’s getting bigger and stronger. But Violet is quiet a strong person, it would take a lot to make Violet flinch.” 

“I think it will be really good if she learns how to use it because I want to take Ciara to shows when she’s older,” Violet commented and her father replied: “You’re going to show her when she’s bigger, well, here’s nothing wrong with that.”

Amanda recently revealed that her ninth baby was born in a CAR after a botched home birth.

Amanda has nine children with her husband Clive, 66, with all the family featuring on the Channel 5 show.

Amanda had given birth to Clemmy by herself while Clive slept upstairs, and she had such a nice experience she had wanted to do it again.

But she told the Sunday Express: "With Nancy it was very different. She came sooner than Clemmy, and there was a lot of blood.

"In an ideal world I'd have loved to do it on my own again, it was so easy with Clemmy. But that wasn't to be.

"We went to the hospital and I ended up giving birth en route – again."

The family live 69 miles away from the nearest hospital in Middlesbrough, meaning Amanda has been caught short in labour on more than one occasion.

Our Yorkshire Farm airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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