Phillip Schofied slams This Morning caller for not watching show after blunder

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This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield wasn't happy with a caller as he blasted her for not watching the show.

The host was co-presenting the daily segment alongside Holly Willoughby when the pair answered the phone to Emma who was hoping to win some prizes.

Getting past the first step and landing on £800, Phil asked Emma: "You know what's next, don't you?," referring to the 'bag of shizzle' that comes out the roof.

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Emma responded: "I don't, no," which was met with gasps from Holly and Phil.

Trying to help her out, Holly asks again: "What normally comes out the roof, Emma?"

"You what sorry?," a confused Emma asked.

The presenting duo couldn't believe what they were hearing, with Holly even stepping back for a second to catch her breath.

Emma, what comes out the roof?, Phil chimed before Holly added: "The bag of…?"

"What comes out the roof?," a baffled Emma asked.

Realising she has no idea what they are talking about, Phil fumed: "You don't watch this show!"

Emma, who informed the presenters earlier in the segment that she'd spent her morning's in meetings, assured the duo "I've been in meetings, I promise."

"You haven't been in meetings for three years!," shouted Phil.

After revealing the item that comes out the roof is the bag of shizzle, Phil quipped: "I don't even know whether I'm going to give her one."

Deciding to give her the chance to win everything in the bag, Phil began to ask Emma about the performance by a Kate Bush tribute act that took place earlier in the show.

Half way through asking her the question, Phil said: "She's not going to know this, she's been in a meeting."

Giving her another clue, Holly started performing her own rendition of Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush's famous song that recently went to number one after featuring in the latest series of Stranger Things.

Emma chimed: "I don't know!"

"Not Kate hedge, Kate…?," Holly exclaimed, before Phil added: "Not hedge, but…?"

"I'm going outside to trim my…?," Phil said before Holly let out a little giggle.

"Hedge," Emma echoed.

A frustrated Phil shouted: "No, not hedge!"

Realising that Emma wasn't going to guess the correct name, Phil said: "Oh we give up, say bush. See you later, bye.

"Go back to your meetings Emma," Holly cheekily swiped.

"Get back to your meetings because that's clearly where your mind is," Phil raged before adding: "She's not thinking about this at all, that was just a random 'I'll just enter that', she's never watched this show!"

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