Piers Morgan slams 'spoiled brat' Prince Harry for 'yapping about private life' after he says it's 'like Truman Show'

PIERS Morgan has slammed Prince Harry for "yapping about his private life" after the royal said it was "like The Truman Show".

The former Good Morning Britain star responded to Harry's appearance on actor Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast in the States.

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Piers was irked after Harry compared his life to the Jim Carrey film in which the main character's every action is broadcast to the world without his knowledge.

The journalist fumed on Twitter: "For a guy who craves privacy, Prince Harry sure is yapping a lot about his private life…"

And he took fire again minutes later, this time focusing on Harry's criticism of his dad Prince Charles.

Harry said he suffered from "genetic pain" as Charles brought him up the same way he had been fathered by the Queen and Prince Philip.

Piers typed: "How many more times is this spoiled brat going to publicly trash the Dad who's bankrolled him his entire life?"

The Duke of Sussex told Shepard's podcast he often feels like an animal in a zoo.

Dax said to Harry: "You're in the tiniest in-group of all time, there’s the whole country and then there’s you guys.

"You’re standing in one direction and they're is standing in another direction looking at you. I was likening it to The Truman Show – have you seen that movie?"

Harry responded: "Yep, yep. It's a mix between The Truman Show and living in a zoo."

"You were kind of cast into a movie without being asked," Dax added, to which Harry said: "The biggest issue for me was that being born into it you inherit the risk, you inherit every element of it without choice."

He also said he has received "vile, toxic abuse" online and questioned what made trolls want to come after him.

Harry described the hatred as a "form of project" which derives from "unresolved pain".

He said: "When it comes to trolling on social media, the best way I look at it is like, ok, take a moment, be aware of what this is doing to me and how it's making me feel, but then look at them and go: 'How's your day going?'"

Harry added that he tries to have "compassion" for trolls, but finds it "really hard when you're on the receiving end".

He said: "The reality is, flip it and say: 'What happened to you? What made you want to come at me like that when clearly we've never met and you don't know me?

"'Like, what's your goal? What are you actually doing? I know it might make you feel better in the moment but long-term it's not going to help.'"

Prince Harry's podcast revelations

  • Harry revealed how he and Meghan Markle first met up in a supermarket – and ‘pretended’ they didn’t know each other to avoid attracting attention
  • Harry tries to have "compassion" for trolls, but finds it "really hard when you're on the receiving end"
  • The Duke said that life had felt "more free" since his move to LA with Meghan
  • Harry doesn't believe in the "old way of thinking" where girls just "want to be a princess"
  • Meghan Markle gave Prince Harry words of wisdom about Royal life – telling him "you can create your own life better than any princess"

The Duke added that he thinks many believe he cannot truly experience suffering because he is so privileged.

He said: "[People say] How bad can it be? You had people running around and doing this and that.

"I was born into privilege but it gave me a front row seat – my education was not in school but was in meeting people across the Commonwealth.

"I know people are looking at me saying, you're a prince, you're from a palace, where's your crown and where's your cape?

"The reality is, meeting people from all around the world puts it into context."

Harry also revealed how he and Meghan Markle first met up in a supermarket and ‘pretended’ they didn’t know each other to avoid attracting attention.

He said: "The first time Meghan and I met up for her to come and stay with me, we met up in a supermarket in London, pretending we didn't know each other, texting each other from the other side of the aisles.

"There's people looking at me, giving me all these weird looks, and coming up to me and saying 'hi’.

"I texted her saying 'is this the right one', and she said 'no you want parchment paper', and I'm like 'where's the parchment paper?'"

"I had a baseball cap on, looking down at the floor, trying to stay incognito.

"It's amazing how much chewing gum you see, it's a mess!"

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