RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson claims she ‘nearly suffered a stroke’ after Kelly Dodd gave her Xanax and Adderall – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Orange County OG Vicki Gunvalson claimed she 'nearly suffered a stroke' after Kelly Dodd 'gave her Xanax and Adderall.'

The former Bravo star revealed on her new podcast the mix of pills sent her to the hospital while the ladies were on vacation in Iceland.

Vicki said on episode of Whoop It Up with Vicki: "In Iceland Kelly gave me a Xanax and an Adderall.

"At the same time and my blood pressure 170 over 140.

"I mean I was about a stroke victim ready to happen.

I was not feeling good and shouldn't have taken anything but I thought well okay I have to get my heart rate down.

During the Season 2012 incident Vicki told Icelandic police: “I might be having a heart attack!”

She relayed she was nauseous, lightheaded, weak and a had a headache.

Thought that evening she said: “I’m just tired. I’m not feeling well. I feel weak.

“I feel so sick. I don’t know what’s going on with me. Since yesterday I have not been feeling well.

"I feel like my heart is racing like a billion miles a minute and I don’t have a watch.”

Kelly said during the episode that Vicki has heart problems and was having heart palpitations.

Former cast member Peggy Sulahian added: “Her face turned white, her arm gets numb. She’s complaining about her heart really, really pumping. I’m really worried for her.

“Vicki doesn’t look good, her color’s pale. I’m honestly thinking that Vicki’s going to have a heart attack.”

Vicki was ultimately rushed to the hospital for treatment but was quickly released returned to their hotel later that evening.

Kelly later wrote in a blog: "I knew right away that Vicki was having an anxiety attack.

"She was exhausted, and I think she was scared to go to dinner, because sometimes going to those dinners can be like entering the lion's den."

A rep for Kelly did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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