‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open: Democratic Candidates Offer Crazy Solutions To Coronavirus Outbreak

Saturday Night Live returned from hiatus this weekend, to take on the coronavirus outbreak.

The cold open kicked off with Beck Bennett playing Vice President Mike Pence, who was appointed by President Trump earlier this week as the nation’s coronavirus czar.

“President Trump has put me in charge of the coronavirus, even though I don’t believe in science,” Bennett’s Pence said. “This disease has been quite a test of my faith.”

As he held a news conference, Bennett invited “one of the most brilliant minds in medicine, Dr. Ben Carson” to join him.

“It’s gone be bad,” warned Kenan Thompson as Carson.

Fred Armisen played billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who crashed the press briefing. Asked how he got past security, Armisen said, “I just started coughing and they cleared the way.”

This weekend’s host, John Mulaney, then joined the gathering as former Vice President Joe Biden, who just won the South Carolina presidential primary.

Bennett noted he looked “different” — a nod to Larry David who normally plays Biden.

“Speaking of number one, guess who just kicked butt in south cracker barel,” Mulvaney said.

A Mulvaney’s confused Biden then warned the press “we gotta get new teeth daily.”

Moments later, he was nudged aside by the other Biden — Larry David.

“Hey wait!” David interrupted. “What about me possibly winning the nomination? You gotta admit folks, universal health care doesn’t sound too crazy now, does it?”

As mentioned, Mulaney is this week’s host, with David Byrne and his American Utopia musicians serving as musical guest.

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