Saturday Night Takeaway apologise for ‘offensive’ sketch and re-edit episode

ITV bosses have apologised for Anne-Marie's 'offensive' Saturday Night Takeaway performance.

The Brit nominee performed her single Ciao Adios in the End of the Show Show while Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly started messing around behind her.

However, the sketch has face a backlash from viewers over an image resembling the controversial historical 'Rising Sun' Japanese flag on the presenters' bandannas.

Anne-Marie said sorry to those 'affected and hurt' by her appearance – and now ITV have also .'apologised for any offence caused'.

ITV bosses have told Mirror Online that they will be re-editing the footage for the ITV Hub and future repeat broadcasts.

In a statement, ITV said: "We apologise for any offence caused during the End of the Show Show by the costumes worn.

"This was clearly unintended and we have taken steps to re-edit that part of the episode for the Hub and for repeat broadcasts."

This comes after Anne Marie revealed her team were speaking to ITV about taking the footage down so it didn't cause 'any more hurt.'

Geordie presenters Ant and Dec are yet to comment on the controversy themselves.

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Anne-Marie issued a grovelling apology in a Twitter statement to her followers.

In a statement she wrote: "I sincerely apologise to all those who were affected and hurt by my appearance last night on a UK TV.

"I want you to know that I had nothing to do with the costumes on this sketch.

"Unfortunately education on this part of the history wasn't done and I am also hurt by the pain this signifies for so many people."

"I am truly sorry and I promise you that this will not happen again.

"Our team is talking to the TV station, working on taking down the footage so that it does not cause any more pain."

Ant and Dec were seen wearing what appeared to be the rising sun symbol on bandannas on their heads during the performance.

The symbol has military ties and was flown during Japan's imperialist expansion when they occupied Korea and part of China in the 19th Century.

During World War Two, the flag became the symbol of the navy and continued to gain a controversial reputation as Japanese troops occupied much of Asia.

It is still particularly offensive to those in East Asia, particularly South Korea.

Ann Marie's fans thanked her for her apology in the replies to her Twitter statement.

One said: "It’s not your fault!! These things happen and it isn’t a reflection on your part, this is ITVs mess and they should be justifying it not you x"

"I'm so glad you know about this now. love u," added another.

A third said: "Feel so bad for you. It isn’t your fault, all you can do is apologise. Hope you’re okay & this all blows over."

*Saturday Night Takeaway airs Saturdays on ITV at 7pm

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