'Sesame Street' Conspiracy Theory Has a Terrifying Twist About the Count

Sesame Street first debuted all the way back in November 1969 and has been a fixture in children’s lives ever since. Kids, toddlers, and even babies enjoy watching the popular show on a daily basis, and most parents would agree that it is definitely a great learning experience.

It is such a popular and well-respected television program, in fact, that a countless number of celebrities have jumped at the chance to make guest appearances. Ask just about any child, and they will be able to recite the theme song by heart, and the characters on the show are well-loved by kids of all ages.

Adults are aware of the fact that Sesame Street offers a great way for kids to not only be entertained but to also begin exploring the world of letters and numbers, and according to a source, the show is just as effective as preschool learning can be. Set in a fictional New York neighborhood, the show is broadcast in over 100 countries and is a favorite of millions, however, there may be some things that we don’t know.

Let’s talk about how a new Sesame Street conspiracy theory has a terrifying twist about The Count. 

The premise of ‘Sesame Street’

It would be difficult to find anyone who hasn’t at least heard of the show, so what, exactly, is the premise of Sesame Street? It is a show that lets children explore many aspects of early education, and is also known as a great resource for teaching small children about real-world issues in a way that they can understand.

Over the years, the show has touched upon topics such as death, racism, and autism, further preparing children to have a better basis for learning once they reach the age to enter school. It provides a great foundation by having the characters, many of whom are Muppets, using real-world experiences as a form of teaching.

For over 50 years, children have come to love Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, and all the others.

Who is The Count on ‘Sesame Street’?

Count von Count is one of the most popular of the Sesame Street Muppets, making his first appearance on the show in its fourth season. Better known as “The Count”, he is more like a friendly, non-scary vampire who relates to the viewers in a unique way.

The character was first voiced by Jerry Nelson, and following his death in 2012, Matt Vogel took over the job. As his name implies, the character absolutely loves numbers and there isn’t anything that he won’t count.

Much to the delight of viewers, when he does count something, he will laugh when he is finished as thunder and lightning are heard in the background. 

‘Sesame Street’ conspiracy theory has a terrifying twist about The Count

Although The Count is portrayed as a vampire, he is known for being as kid-friendly as any character possibly can. Children are not exactly known to be scared of The Count, and there has never been any controversy surrounding the beloved character who has been on the show for so many years.

So, what is the conspiracy theory regarding Count von Count? Well, according to Mental Floss, some very perceptive viewers have noticed that new kids appear on the show all the time.

What happens to the children after a few episodes? Some people don’t believe that they are simply replaced. Instead, they feel that The Count actually uses a conveyor belt to periodically bring new kids in, then after a few weeks, he eats them before finding new ones.

“Can a vampire really get his kicks from counting to five? One of the craziest Sesame Street fan theories posits that the Count lures kids to their death with his number games. That’s why the cast of children on Sesame Street changes so frequently—the Count eats them all after teaching them to add. The adult cast, meanwhile, stays pretty much the same, implying the grown-ups are either under a vampiric spell or looking the other way as the Count does his thing.” — Mental Floss

Kind of creepy to believe that this is actually true, especially about a character that has been bringing joy to children for decades. 

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