So, Uh, [SPOILER] From 'Love Is Blind' Got Back Together

Major Love Is Blind spoilers ahead!

The time has come! Netflix finally dropped the Love Is Blind reunion special and it is just as wild and nonsensical as you’d imagine!

After locking up dozens of singles, having some of them get engaged without ever meeting face-to-face, and making them move in together before they meet at the altar to tell each other how they really feel, it’s time to find out whose relationships were the real deal, which couple might get divorced, and who got back together.

After Kelly, Mark, Diamond, Carlton, and Jessica raised their hands to show they’re still single, Cameron and Lauren and Amber and Barnett raised their hands to show they’re still married. (More on those two couples in a sec!) But the biggest bombshell of all was that Damian and Giannina, who didn’t get married at their wedding because of ongoing issues that def included Giannina telling him he wasn’t the best sex of her life, are back together.

This is the moment Damian knew Giannina wasn’t the girl for him #LoveIsBlind

Giannina told everyone, “We are so together…I don’t want to lose this.” Uh, cool! Can’t wait to see how that turns out!

Then, Diamond and Carlton, who broke up after he told her he was fluid, said their fight wasn’t actually as bad as it seemed to viewers. Apparently, after Carlton threw the engagement ring in the pool, he fished it out and gave it to Diamond as a token of their friendship. They ended up being friends, but they both said they received death threats from the show’s fans.

As for the married couples, Amber and Barnett admitted they’ve been through a couple rough patches due to Amber’s unemployment and Barnett struggling with being in a relationship after such a short period of time. At one point, Amber said she even went so far as to call a divorce attorney. Of course, they stuck with each other and are still married today.

When it comes to fan favorites Cameron and Lauren, they’re still going strong. In fact, Cameron said he wants to have babies with Lauren “hopefully soon,” but she said it’ll be “one day.” Hmm. Interesting!

As you can see, a lot has happened since the show ended and I’m going to need Jessica to share some wine with me (and not her dog) so I can process everything!

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