Some Fans Argue the MCU's Biggest Flaw is It Makes Its Heroes Too Powerful

As powerful and as well-thought-out as the MCU films are, they also have, arguably, dug a few holes for themselves. One of those was complicating time-travel to a point of sometimes confusion. Another is making death a little too relative after trying to bring some finality.

Yet another is the powers all the Marvel superheroes possess. Far too many of them have close to godlike powers, making battles occasionally less interesting because anyone could win.

As a result, Marvel has had to deliberately reel in the powers of their superhero roster to assure a more even battleground during fight scenes. How Marvel has done this is interesting (and occasionally annoying), which might bring thoughts of future superheroes having weaker powers to compensate.

Which MCU superhero is the most powerful, yet had their powers held back?

According to fans on Reddit, Vision was arguably one of the most powerful of any Avenger. However, the movies lessened his abilities in ways where his normal powers could ordinarily lead to quicker resolutions.

As the original Reddit poster put it: “So Vision is one of the most powerful Avengers in the MCU, he just got unlucky by being weakened significantly by Corvus Glaive. If he was prepared, Glaive would’ve been incinerated.”

Case in point by Reddit is Vision could have made kills with just one blast due to his mind stone. Vision even had to hold back himself during Civil War to avoid killing more of the good guys by mistake.

His eventual power reduction by Corvus Glaive was perhaps a little too convenient. Then having Vision give up his life so the mind stone could be used to overcome Thanos was another overly easy exit.

With Vision back in WandaVision, though, no one will probably see the powers he once had. For the most part, he appears to now be a VR version of himself, stuck in a 1950s sitcom universe.

Does this settle the debate on which MCU superhero is most powerful?

A lot of debates have raged online about which Marvel superhero has the greatest powers. For a while, there was a consensus Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) was the most powerful of all. Even she, however, had convenient methods in holding back to avoid potential problems.

As a commenter on Reddit pointed out above, Captain Marvel always seemed to show up late to certain battles. MCU movies always offered the excuses she was off doing something else during specific battles, particularly on Titan, and especially arriving late for the final Thanos battle.

The same goes for other superheroes who may be far more powerful and on equal ground with Captain Marvel. This includes Dr. Strange, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and even Drax. Is the MCU deliberately giving these characters roadblocks so they never exhibit their full power potential?

Since some of them are still alive in the current MCU timeline, viewers may be able to see just how powerful they really are. Or, maybe all powers will start to diminish over time to create more challenges.

Perhaps Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch will exhibit their fullest abilities

If going by the upcoming Disney+ shows, Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch will receive a considerable amount of focus. Also, with WandaVision reportedly connecting directly with an upcoming Dr. Strange big-screen sequel, the characters may finally exhibit what they could have done in past movies.

Then again, they may have to find other ways to rein in Dr. Strange’s considerable power, only based on how he sees every outcome. After all, he held back in saving Iron Man in Endgame because he knew it was the best possible resolution.

In circumstances like that, the limitation of power makes more sense. With the others, fans might start to notice the holding back as an annoying plot device. Perhaps the only real solution is having most of the powerful superheroes stripped of their powers in some unexpected way.

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers might have to have this happen to her since she may become as omnisciently powerful as Thanos in her next movie. Should she be weakened, it would only be by necessity to remind everyone all superheroes should exhibit some degree of limitations.

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