Squid Game super fan spots drawings on walls which completely gives away plot

Squid Game fans claim to have spotted a huge clue hidden in plain sight in the first episode.

The premise of the dark South Korean game show is that the 456 contestants have to play a series of children’s games to win a massive sum of money – but if they fail, they die.

But fans have taken to social media to point out that etchings of every game can be seen on the dormitory walls.

They argue that if the contestants knew what each game perhaps entailed, they would have a better chance of survival.

One fan wrote: "So for those who watched Squid Game, am I tripping or did y'all notice the drawings on the walls in the area they slept in?

"They had the answer to 'what's the next game' the whole time."

Meanwhile, the show has proved to be so popular it has caused a South Korean internet provider to sue the streaming giant over increased traffic.

The show has caused SK Broadband to experience a gargantuan spike in streaming in South Korea so want it to cough up millions in network usage fees, according to Reuters.

SK Broadband also claim that traffic thanks to Netflix is 24 times what it was since 2018.

It's now processing 1.2 trillion bits of data per second as of September – the same month that Squid Game was released on the 17th.

So now SK Broadband is asking Netflix to pay for back-dated usage fees. For 2020 alone, it is estimated this could be in the region of 27.2 billion won (£17 million).

In a statement to CNBC, a spokesperson for Netflix said: “We will review the claim that SK Broadband has filed against us.

Netflix has claimed that its responsibility ends with creating content but the Seoul Central District Court ruled against Netflix, saying the streamer should "reasonably" pay something to SK Broadband for network usage..

“In the meantime, we continue to seek open dialogue and explore ways of working with SK Broadband in order to ensure a seamless streaming experience for our shared customers.”

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