Stacey Solomon reveals incredible talent as she plays the piano – and even shocks boyfriend Joe Swash

STACEY Solomon revealed an incredible talent for playing the piano – one that even shocked her boyfriend Joe Swash.

The Loose Women presenter, 30, is on a seaside getaway with Joe and baby Rex.

However, a trip to a restaurant showed gave Stacey the perfect chance to flex her amazing musical abilities.

Joe begins filming the former X Factor contestant with Rex on her lap, saying: "Oh Rex, your piano skills have come on a little bit ain't they."

The camera then pans over to show Stacey actually playing the piano – with Rex occasionally interfering by slamming the keys.

Her skills came as a shock to Joe, who captioned the pic: "THOUGH SHE'D JUST PRESSED A BUTTON DIDN'T REALISE SHE WAS ACTUALLY PLAYING

"WHY DON'T YOU DO THIS AT HOME @staceysolomon wasted talent."

The Loose Women presenter went for a weekend getaway to the seaside while her other two kids stayed at their dads' houses.

Former EastEnders star Joe, 38, had only just returned from a week in Wales with his family.

Their exciting reunion encouraged Stacey and Joe to book a last minute holiday.

And in an unexpected turn, Stacey suggested Joe was on a "weekend long mission to get me pregnant" after they ran out of oil.

She told her Instagram followers it was the first time she had seen the actor open up a car bonnet when he spotted the oil light had come on, and seeing him play mechanic clearly held some attraction.

Stacey was hugely eager to update her online following on her plans.

Taking to her Instagram story yesterday, she wrote: "After work today me Joe and the pickle are heading down to the seaside.

"Last night we managed to find a tiny little place that had one room left so we are going to have a little mini break. I can't wait…"

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