Teary Dog the Bounty Hunter claims he hears late wife Beth say ‘you didn’t say the right stuff’ after Dr. Phil interview – The Sun

DOG the Bounty Hunter could not hold back his tears when he opened up about his late wife Beth after an appearance on The Dr. Phil Show Tuesday.

Duane “Dog” Chapman, 67, emotionally discussed the controversial new bail reform law to honor Beth who previously fought for the cause as her “main” issue.

The famous bounty hunter spoke to Phil McGraw, 67, about the divisive topic that is already in effect in certain states.

Under the new law, judges will no longer have the power to set bail for certain misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies.

Backstage after the show, Dog choked up when he reminisced about the cause his late wife was so passionate about.

“I almost made it without crying. I can hear her say “You didn’t say the right stuff!’” He let out with a small laugh.

“That was her main thing in life before she left was the bail issues. So some of the things I said I copied right out of her book.

“I’m glad we all finally got together and said something is wrong with the system and it’s not bail.

“It was a very learning opportunity for me and I hope my wife was proud,” he concluded as he held back tears.

Beth – who used to serve as President of the Professional Bail Agents of the U.S. – spoke candidly about the topic one year before she died of cancer in June 2019.

She slammed the law during an interview with Delaware's Matt Monks Show in 2018: ”I like to call it the 'hug a thug' act. We've basically shifted the responsibility of the crime now onto the victim instead of onto the person who actually committed the crime.

“The Obama administration have been trying to basically say there are millions of people languishing in jail simply because they're poor,” Beth further explained, echoing what her husband said during his appearance on today’s show.

After a difficult year for the father-of-12, his family troubles have drastically improved since he ended his relationship with Beth’s best friend Moon Angell.

The maid-of-honor to Dog and Beth moved out of his home last month following a shocking proposal stunt on TV.

According to TMZ, the split was decided upon mutually.

The Sun exclusively revealed his 32-year-old daughter Lyssa plans to leave her home state of Hawaii to be closer to her father.

An insider also said the memories of Beth still roam around the island and have become too much for her.

"She loves Hawaii and the people there but now the island is also full of painful and emotional memories of Beth and it's hard,” the source said.

Dog teamed up with his 26-year-old daughter Cecily for a “For Beth” clothing line to honor the woman they both love most.

Cecily revealed the project rekindled the relationship with her formerly-estranged father who she had not seen in more than eight months.

Eco-friendly apparel company One Love One Tribe designed the collection of shirts, hats, bags, leggings, sports apparel and more with Cecily at the helm.

The loving daughter kept Beth close to her heart with the clothing line that reads “For Beth” on every product.

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