Teen Mom Chelsea Houska mocked for using bowl of 'marijuana nugs' to decorate her South Dakota farmhouse

TEEN Mom fans slammed Chelsea Houska over her farmhouse decorations after spotting what looked to be a bowl of “marijuana nugs.”

The 29-year-old reality star recently moved into her new South Dakota home with her husband, Cole DeBoer, and her four kids.

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Chelsea’s followers have been calling her out on her design style from the very beginning, first calling the outside of the home “ugly,” and now they’re not too pleased with the look of the inside, either.

The Aubree Says founder showed off her living room on Thursday night while a little product photoshoot was taking place.

The Teen Mom shared a “behind-the-scenes” look at some new items coming soon and the way she’s showcasing them in her home, but it wasn’t these items fans took much issue with, it was the bowl filled with a green substance they spotted.

In one shot, Chelsea showed off a wooden table placed behind her couch that had a couple of plants on the bottom shelf and an animal skull and the bowl on the top shelf.

After seeing the dish filled to the brim, and then some, with a bushy green plant, some fans on Reddit believed it to be pot and mocked her for it.

“F*** I just seen this on her IG and was like that’s a bowl of oui’d,” one user wrote. “A giant bowl of nugs.”

Another commented: “Grandma never had a candy dish like THAT 🤣”

A third said of the Teen Mom 2 star's decoration: “Mm PUNGENT looking.”

Others said that “her house seems really not kid friendly at all” and said these decoration choices were “weird.”

Not all fans thought it to be marijuana, though, as one joked that they “thought it was a bowl of broccoli florets,” and others said it’s “definitely moss.”

Even for those who think it’s moss, they still don’t approve, wondering: “How does one even clean a bowl of moss balls? 

“Surely it gets dusty and gross. Her ✨aesthetic✨ is boring af”

The skull sitting next to the bowl wasn’t any more popular.

“WHY is half of her home decor just…dead things,” asked one Redditer. “F***ing weird, man.”

A second said: “I really hate her designing style.”

A third wrote: “This all looks cheap and fake. She has always had bad very bad taste.”

Earlier this week, Chelsea's wall hangings were slammed as "crap" after she shared new merchandise from her brand Aubree Says.

The MTV star's 11-year-old daughter Aubree was seen hanging up a green poster on the wall that read the word "changes" in white cursive font.

Shortly after she shared the clip, Teen Mom 2 fans took to Reddit to slam Chelsea's latest product.

One person wrote: "And people really think she gonna be banking selling this crap."

Another wrote: "Peel and stick dorm décor looks better than this. This is grim."

The recent backlash is not the first time fans have slammed the former reality star for the products included in her Aubree Says line.

A few weeks ago, fans criticized Chelsea's distressed sweaters from the collection.

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