The Fall cast: Who plays Mark Bailey in The Fall? Meet Conor MacNeill

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The Fall originally aired on the BBC back in 2013 and fans were thrilled to hear Netflix had picked up the intense crime drama. The series stars Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector, and The X-Files actress Gillian Anderson as detective Stella Gibson. In the third season, Conor MacNeill joined the cast as Mark Bailey, and has all you need to know about the actor.

Who is Conor MacNeill?

Conor MacNeill is a Northern Irish actor who has experience on both the big and small screen, as well as the stage.

The 32-year-old from West Belfast is known for his roles in An Crisís, Whole Lotta Sole and Privates.

The star is best known for his stage roles in Ireland, having acted in productions at the Gate Theatre and Project Arts Centre.

He made his London stage debut starring alongside Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple of Inishmaan.

MacNeill joined the cast of The Fall in 2016 for its third season, in which he featured in the final few episodes.

He may have only featured on screen for a short time, but the star’s role in the crime drama was one of the most intense.

He was one of Spector’s fellow patients at the psychiatric unit, and Bailey had shown a particular interest in Spector from the moment he was admitted.

Bailey had not been completely honest with Spector about why he was at the facility, but Spector used Bailey’s vulnerability to his advantage.

He was able to trigger an unstable Bailey to act as a distraction so he could make a life-changing move at the facility.

When Spector found out what Bailey had really done to his sister, he was quick to take action and fans were left shocked.

Fans who have already seen the third season were left in awe of MacNeill’s emotive performance.

Some may be interested to hear MacNeill and co-star Dornan were later reunited in another series called Death and Nightingales, which aired in 2018.

He also worked with Dornan in a war film called The Siege of Jadotville. In an interview with London Theatre, MacNeill spoke about what it was like working with the Spector actor.

He said: “You learn a lot from how different actors work, not necessarily specific pieces of advice. How Jamie Dornan conducts himself on set is incredible.

“He’s so charming and personal, but also really professional and he gets the job done. He handles himself in a really brilliant way.

“I think one really great piece of advice has been to take your job seriously, but don’t necessarily take yourself too seriously.”

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The star took an interest in acting when he was 14-years-old, as he used to live near a theatre company and he attended an open audition.

The company had been looking for children who played music, and he revealed he had played a lot of traditional Irish pieces when he was younger.

While he was studying for his A-Levels at school, he was asked back by the theatre company to take part in a play.

From here he was able to find an agent, who helped him pick up roles which acted as springboards in his acting career.

He is also a keen writer and has been working on a couple of projects, including a feature film, and he said he was keen to continue pursuing screen and stage writing.

WARNING: This section contains spoilers for The Fall season 3

Fans were sad to see Bailey leave The Fall at the end of season three after he ended up being killed by Spector.

Spector had found out Bailey had in fact murdered his own sister and, as Spector was very protective of children, killed Bailey for what he did.

Fans have been wondering why Spector strangled Bailey, as Bailey had trusted Spector and proved he would do anything for him.

One viewer quoted an article on Reddit, saying: “In the previous episode we learned that Spector’s friend at the facility (Conor MacNeill) had raped and murdered his own sister.

“Was it out of a twisted nobility that Spector killed his accomplice at the conclusion of the riot that had allowed him to slip free and attack Dr Larson? Or was he merely feeding his demons one final time before he ended it all?”

The Fall is on Netflix now

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