‘The Real’: People Cracking Up Over Amanda Seales’ Expression When Loni Love Is Crying

In the episode, The TV host can’t help but cry as she talks about the fact that many African Americans suffer from obesity-related illnesses due to lack of proper nutrition.

AceShowbizLoni Love got emotional in the Thursday, March 5 episode of “The Real“. The TV host couldn’t help but cry as she talked about the fact that many African Americans suffer from obesity-related illnesses due to lack of proper nutrition.

“Let me tell y’all. I did not know how to eat. Growing up in the projects, we just had to eat what we could,” Loni explained through tears to the other co-hosts and audience. “I know it sounds funny, but a lot of women in African-American communities-we don’t know how to eat.”

” ‘Cause we grew up that way. So I’m trying to tell y’all-thank you to WW, because we want to do this to help our brothers and sisters,” she continued. “But I see y’all. I see y’all at my comedy shows and you’re like, ‘We need to get healthier,’ and that’s the reason we’re doing this. It’s just to make y’all aware of what’s happening in the community. You can eat and not starve and you can still lose weight. That’s the reason we’re doing this.”

During the emotional moment, co-host Amanda Seales was caught sporting a rather hilarious facial expression. The actress/activist could be seen looking awkward and fans were digging it.

“Sorry, but Amanda’s reaction/facial expression when Loni started crying…. No shade… I’m happy for Loni. She looks good and her makeup/hair is on point!” one fan commented on the particular moment. “Amanda face when Loni started crying yo. Amanda was confused as hell,” another added. Meanwhile, someone suggested that it wouldn’t be long before Loni will get upset with Amanda.

However, some others didn’t think that Amanda made such facial expression in response to Loni recalling her struggle. “I do not think Amanda made a face because loni was crying. I think it was the fact that she said they did not know how to eat, i find that hard to relieve, because from i was thirteen years i remember a teacher telling us in school about carbohydrates and eating to much of it, she said it was for people that were doing alot of physical activity and about fats, if you could not afford it that a different thing,” one person tried to share her opinion.

“But lack of knowledge l do not think so. And i am from a thirdworld country, so i would think they would mention it in American schools at some point. That is y after i left my parent’s home i stop eating rice and yam every day. Someone tell me if i am wrong,” the person concluded.

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