The Return Of Big Daddy Sitch: 5 Things We've Missed About Mike On Jersey Shore

After eight way-too-long months away, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is about to make his grand return to the Jersey Shore. And we couldn’t be more ready.

We’re not the only ones — in the words of Vinny in the latest Jersey Shore: Family Vacation sneak peek, “Every family member is home.” It’s safe to say the Sitch missed a lot while serving his prison sentence: the birth of another meatball, Vinny’s latest career endeavor involving c*ck socks, Ronnie’s stint in rehab, and a not-so-single JWOWW, just to name a few. And honestly? We missed the hell out of him… for more reasons than one. Let us count the ways:

  1. He reminds us to live our best lives.

    Be it by ordering four diet soders or two of every item on the menu, BDS doesn’t half-ass anything, not even Funfetti cakes. He goes all in when it comes to living his best life, and we love him for it.

  2. He’s not ashamed of his metro status.

    Mike’s daily preening routine is on point and pretty much puts Angelina’s face full o’ makeup to shame. And now that he’s coming back more ripped than ever (we’ve seen your Instagram, Sitch), he’s liable to put even more time into his BMP (barber, mask, pedicure) regimen.

  3. The way he loves Lauren.

    Mike and Lauren are serious relationship goals, and we can’t get enough of these two lovebirds. Frankly, we also just love Lauren. And more Mike equals more Laurens — it’s simple math.

  4. He’s a total inspiration.

    More than just a clever moniker, Mike’s inspiration status is an uplifting reminder that you really can change for the better, whether dedicating yourself to a life of sobriety or simply by being a better friend.

  5. He’s a good friend.

    Speaking of friends, BDS has come a long way from fallouts with Snooki and head-butting perfectly innocent concrete walls. He continually shows up for his Jersey Shore fam, and it’s safe to say that they have really needed him as of late.

Catch the official return of Big Daddy Sitch this Jerzday at 8/7c!

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