The Tower creator admits ferociously complicated element in ITV drama

The Tower: Police officer threatens woman with Mental Health Act

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The Tower returns for the final time on ITV tonight (November 10) and the TV series has left viewers with many questions. The drama, inspired by Kate London’s Post Mortem novel, follows a rookie police officer caught in the middle of a moral dilemma. The show’s creator, Patrick Harbinson, spoke to and other media about some of the challenges.

The Tower is a suspenseful crime drama delving into the inner workings of the police force in London.

The series follows Lizzie Adama (played by Tahirah Sharif), a relatively new police officer who is thrown in the deep end.

Detective Sarah Collins (Gemma Whelan) must find out what happened to Lizzie after she disappeared following a tragic incident.

She had witnessed two people plummet to their deaths from the top of a tower block but was unable to explain what happened.

Patrick Harbison said the opening scenes were some of the hardest to direct.

Speaking to and other media about whether it was a challenge, he said: “Yes it was but thank you again, Kate London.

“That was one of the easy bits of the adaptation, the writing is not the hard thing to do.

“The hard thing to do is to act it and direct it and put it together in editing, and boy this was of course a load of grief putting it together.

“But finally we got something, there are elements to it which I won’t go in to here that had to be put together as well so it’s ferociously complicated.”

He praised the actors before saying: “Finally, about three weeks ago I watched it and thought ok, we got it.

“But it did take five months to get it there.”

When asked about how closely he stuck to the original novel and how complicated it was to adapt, he said: “I had done quite a lot of that sort of drama before.

“So I was used to it but it doesn’t make it any easier, every script is a nightmare.

“I actually simplified the novel quite a lot in terms of the timescale.

“I knew if I had the right actors, which I did, people would be able to follow it as long as it stayed pretty simple.

“I think watching it now, even though I tend to hate my own stuff, I think it’s actually pretty clear how the story unwinds.

“Keeping that clear in my head that the tragedy has to be front and centre I felt it was a relatively straightforward adaptation.”

The finale is expected to wrap the story up in a satisfying way but will pose more questions for fans to ponder.

As for whether there will be a second season, this is unlikely as the show is considered to be a miniseries featuring a contained story.

Fans have shared mixed reviews about the drama so far, and they took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

ACAB Cutie said: “#TheTower ……surely can’t just be left the way it was? Is there a second season? Go girl give us no resolution.”

Mia Punter said: “Was there a twist? Did I miss it?? I am so confused. #thetower.”

Andree Wood commented: “Binged watched all of #TheTower today and it was effing fantastic @EmmettScanlan @TahirahSharif crazy suspense and a great storyline whilst covering super important issues!”

PepperPot said: “Loved #TheTower and Gemma Whelan is so cool, as is all the cast. I can’t believe it ended how it did and really hope there is another series.”

The Tower returns tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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