The Tower viewers rage over finale twist: ‘Three nights of my life wasted!’

The Tower: ITV release trailer for new police drama series

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ITV’s latest crime drama follows rookie police officer Lizzie Adama (played by Tahirah Sharif), who was found at the top of a tower block following the deaths of another police officer and a teenager. In the three-part series, it was revealed Lizzie and her colleagues have a history of corruption, and it was left to DCI Sarah Collins (Gemma Whelan) to uncover the truth about how the two deaths occurred. However, viewers were left disappointed and angry after the finale of the series revealed Lizzie had been the one who accidentally killed the police officer and teenager.

Wednesday night saw Lizzie finally admitted what happened on the top of the tower block.

After being on the run from Sarah and DC Steve Bradshaw (Jimmy Akingbola), Lizzie was finally caught and brought in for questioning about what really happened.

Sarah began to push Lizzie in her interview and theorised her fellow police officer, PC Hadley Matthews (Nick Holder), had been the one to kill Farah Mehenni (Lola Elsokari).

However, just as she began to feel like she was getting somewhere, Steve stopped the interview, fearing she was putting too much pressure on Lizzie.

When the interview resumed, Lizzie finally revealed she was the one who had killed Hadley and Farah by accident.

She explained to Sarah, once she managed to grab the little boy Farah had kidnapped and taken up to the roof, she tried to reach for her but scared her, resulting in her and Hadley falling to their death.

Viewers were left annoyed by the revelation, as many felt they had wasted three nights for an anticlimactic ending.

Taking to Twitter, @Bufferb2012 wrote: “3 nights of my life and it was an accident #TheTower.”

@Deew04 added: “Bit of an anti-climax after 3 nights tbh… #TheTower.”

@JamesRite said: “Three nights of my life wasted then, what an absolute pile of rubbish! #TheTower.”

@AhtnamasH86 commented: “I’m not impressed #TheTower,” alongside a thumbs down emoji.

“Right, so after the child was out of danger, the cop just needed to get off the ledge and not die? What a load of old cobblers #TheTower,” @VinceHalsey said.3

“Another @ITV drama with as**tending #TheTower,” @alfordScott wrote bluntly.

“Free to go? She’s been on the run for days, now she is on bail pending charges. #TheTower,” @jacobwyn29 tweeted (sic).

When first reading the script for the show, Tahirah told Bristol Live: “When I read Tower, it was genuinely just like reading a book.

“I couldn’t stop turning [the pages]. I just wanted to keep reading each page and find out what happened, every single character was written so well.”

Jimmy Akingbola added: “There’s not a show like this, and I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.”

It hasn’t been officially confirmed if there will be a second series of the ITV crime drama, however, Tahirah hinted at a possible second series which will focus on particular characters.

“Purely based upon the fact that there are two other novels already written, I think it’s definitely got scope to carry on,” she explained.

“You’re only getting a taster, in three episodes, of all these characters’ lives and what drives them or upsets them.

“You find out little nuggets of information about Sarah, Lizzie, Kieran and Steve throughout the series that, hopefully, make people go, ‘Ooh! I’d like to know more about that, where’s that going to go?'”

The Tower is available to watch on the ITV Hub. 
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