The Untold Truth Of Pooch Perfect

If you’re the kind of person who absolutely loses it when a cavapoo or a well-dressed Italian greyhound is prancing your way, then we have the perfect show for you! ABC’s new grooming competition series Pooch Perfect hit airwaves on March 30, 2021, and people are already buzzing about the program. Hosted by Rebel Wilson, 10 of the best dog groomers in the country will compete in various grooming challenges until the last doggie stylist is standing and awarded the first place “Pooch Perfect” trophy, and, of course, a substantial cash prize of $100,000.

“It’s a competition of the rock stars for the grooming industry. They’re trendsetters,” celebrity dog groomer and judge on the show Jorge Bendersky told the New York Post ahead of their series debut. “They don’t follow breed standards. They think outside the box — and that box has four legs.” Keep scrolling for more details about Pooch Perfect.

Where the show originated might surprise you

Although a competition show about man’s best friend sounds just as American as apple pie, the show originated down under. Host Rebel Wilson, an Aussie herself, first took her series to Australia in February 2020 and debuted on the Seven Network, per Deadline. However, the show wasn’t exactly a hit with the Australian market. The show first premiered with “624,000 metro viewers,” but their viewership fluctuated throughout the season, according to Australian outlet Mumbrella. although some episodes brought in sold numbers, the series’ season finale concluded with an audience of only 3″16,000 metro viewers.”

The show might not have been a slam dunk in the outback, but production company Beyond Media Right saw the program’s potential. In addition to moving the series to the states, it also got remade by the BBC. In case you didn’t know, Sheridan Smith hosts the British version.

Rebel Wilson is a pup enthusiast herself

Although hosting Pooch Perfect might not seem like a natural progression for the quirky comedian, Rebel Wilson told Forbes it’s a “full circle” moment for her. When speaking with the outlet in March 2021, she revealed she comes from a long line of dog lovers. “I guess what a lot of people don’t know about me is that I am a fourth‑generation dog show‑er. My great-grandmother started ‘The Beagle Club of Australia,’ and every weekend of my childhood I was going to dog shows,” she shared. “I was personally a junior handler and showed dogs and groomed dogs. So, dogs have just been such a huge part of my life.”

With her family’s love for the doggy world, they weren’t too pleased when she decided to pursue a career in entertainment. “My mom was devastated when I chose not to continue the family legacy,” the star shared. “She’s now a renowned international all‑breed dog show judge.” She added, “When I told her I wasn’t going to continue in the family business and try to be an international movie star, she cried.” 

We bet her family is thrilled with her newest endeavor!

The show's judges are pretty qualified, too

Like all competition shows, a panel of well-qualified judges is essential, and Pooch Perfect is no different. Perhaps the most recognized judge on the series is Bravolebrity Lisa Vanderpump, who as we all know is always surrounded by her gaggle of pups. Asides from being a dog mom, she is the founder of the Vanderpump Dog Foundation which participates in doggy activism from promoting adoption to standing against the consumption of canines.

Also on the panel is celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky and it sounds like he’s going to be the toughest on their contestants. “I push them and push them and push them, and they deliver,” Bendersky told the New York Post on March 30, 2021. However, he did offer his highest praises, telling the outlet, “I think that the viewers are going to be so amazed by the work.”

The last judge to join Pooch Perfect is veterinarian Dr. Callie Harris, who was named veterinary communications manager at pet food company, Purina in 2016. “I want to show that veterinarians come in different colors and backgrounds,” she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about her new gig on March 25, 2021. “This is such a unique position for me to have a seat at the table on a major network and work with dogs in a completely different arena.”

The 'Pooch Perfect' dogs will warm your heart

Although it would be fun to follow the same pups throughout the series, we all know hair doesn’t grow back from segment to segment. However, by having different pooches for each challenge, we get to meet a whole variety of pups from Shih Tzu’s to poodles. The pups who do make it onto the show definitely get the royal treatment as they have their own “Doggyland,” Rebel Wilson told the Forbes. “It’s, like, this amazing lush playground. It’s got treats galore. It’s got all of these activities for the dogs, and that’s where the dogs would all hang out. It was their literal green room at the studios where we filmed.” In fact, the host said, “They were treated better than me and the judges, to be honest.”

Although it’s unclear exactly how each dog gets cast for the show, executive producer Elan Gale made it clear the dogs are treated well. “Some dogs like it more than others. Some find it uncomfortable. So we made sure we had the kind of dogs that were used to the entire process,” he said at the Television Critics Association press tour, per The Wrap. Judge Jorge Bendersky added, “Those that are chosen to become creative partners, they are dogs that love the attention.”

And their groomers are ready to take home the gold

The contestants on Pooch Perfect have been broken up into 10 teams of grooming duos, including Alyssa Kasiba and Justin Dorn, Adrian Smith and Bria Scott, Macie Pisa and Corina Stammworthy, Jayne Gallagher and Donovan Gallagher, Deb Compton and Jordan Jones, Gabriel Feitosa, and Monserrat “Monse” Barbosa, Blake Hernandez and Bobby Ridenour, Tierra, Jones and Erica Anthony, Riza Wisnom and Sarah Fink, Philip Schafmayer and Josh Rowland, per The Sun.

Although all the groomers are more than qualified to take home the gold, mother-son duo Jayne and Donovan Gallagher seem to be leading as the fans’ favorite. “(My mom) calls herself the perpetual student,” Donovan, who co-owns Bubbles Away Pet Salon in Hamilton, N.J., told NJ Advance Media, per “For me to see this happen for her, it was such an a-ha moment.” He added, “Everyone says don’t work with your family, but in this situation, I wouldn’t change it.” 

Yep, it sounds like this show is fur-tastic! 

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