Tipping Point player takes brutal swipe at opponent leaving Ben Shephard shocked

TIPPING Point's Ben Shephard was taken aback at A catty remark one contestant made to an opponent in a recent episode.

The contestants awkwardly laughed as one quizzer voiced her hopes that her opponent would fail.

In Thursday's episode of Tipping Point, host Ben welcomed contestants Peter, Hannah, Taylor and David.

But contestant Taylor did not seem to be the warmest of characters as she took a swipe at fellow quizzer David.

She made her comment after Ben asked the question: “Chat is the French word for which feline domesticated animal?”

David buzzed in first and answered correctly with "cat."

David picked drop zone two and asked himself: “Are they going to drop this time?”

Taylor shocked everyone when she snidely remarked: “I hope not.”

Ben and the contestants looked surprised by Taylor’s comment but tried to awkwardly laugh it off.

Ben then quickly tried to take attention away from the exchange by returning to see how many counters would drop for David.

David was in luck as a mystery counter dropped leading to a large number of counters also being pushed over the edge of the machine.

David looked delighted with his windfall as Ben commented “Lovely drop David,” with Taylor watching on.

Taylor was not so lucky as she was out of counters and had just £50, compared to David who's latest drop saw him with £700 and counters left to play.

She was the second contestant to leave the competition, after Hannah.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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