Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth Share Memorable Moments with Luke Perry — Including a Life-Threatening Incident

It’s been one year since Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling said goodbye to costar and friend Luke Perry, but their 10-year run starring together on Beverly Hills, 90210 gave them memories that will last a lifetime.

One year ago, Perry died at age 52. He was hospitalized after suffering a stroke on Feb. 27 after paramedics were dispatched to his home in Sherman Oaks, California. A source told PEOPLE at the time that he never regained consciousness. While Perry remained “under observation” for five days, he died on Monday, March 4.

Following his death, Garth and Tori opened up to PEOPLE about working with Perry on the series, both sharing memories that they made with the actor on and off set.

“We were filming as Kelly and Dylan out on the ocean on jet skis, that summer where they first get together,” shared Garth, 47, who starred as Kelly Taylor. “And we were done filming and coming to shore. Luke was driving his jet ski with his bodyguard on the back of it — the bodyguard was supposed to drive him but Luke was like, ‘No I want to drive.’ And I was being driven on my jet ski by my bodyguard at that time. And apparently someone was fishing off the pier and there was a fishing line that we kind of ran across.”

“My bodyguard ducked down but I didn’t hear him say ‘duck’ so I got like clotheslined off the back of the jet ski. And then Luke ran me over with his jet ski! He hit me in the head and knocked me unconscious. The next thing I know, I was waking up on the beach spewing water and there was a crowd of people around me and paramedics,” she explained about the scary incident.

“They were like, ‘Are you okay?’ And the paramedics were shaking me, trying to get me to come to and they were asking me, ‘What’s your name? What day of the week is it? Who is the president?’ And Luke was hovering over me and I can still see him now saying, ‘Don’t ask her that, she doesn’t know that normally!’ ” she recalled. “I’ll never forget that even when he knocked me unconscious, he was still giving me s—.”

She said that as a result of the life-threatening moment “I think I have a traumatic brain injury and continual PTSD from it and it’s all his fault! I have a terrible memory. Like the worst memory of anyone that I know and everyone thinks it’s from the concussion.”

Joking, Garth continued, “I’m going to blame it on him no matter what.”

For Spelling, 46, who starred as Donna Martin on the show, Perry gave her a special nickname because of her long eyelashes.

“Luke was so charming and very Dylan-esque with all the girls,” Spelling told PEOPLE about Perry, who rose to fame for portraying Dylan McKay on the series. “He would just make you feel so special. and it was real. He was such a genuine person.”

“He used to call me Camel Lashes. At first I said, ‘You’re calling me a camel,’ upset, and then he’s like, ‘No, do you know what that means? Camels have the most beautiful long eyelashes.’ ”

In the wake of his passing, both Spelling and Garth were heartbroken over his shocking death.

“It’s been really intense. I’ve gone through so many levels and layers of grief. I was so broken I couldn’t wrap my head around it,” Garth told PEOPLE at the time about grieving the loss.

Despite his absence, Garth continues to feel his presence. Just last week, she said she is continuing to mourn Perry and hasn’t let his death fully “sink in.”

“The reality of it, I kind of refuse to let it sink in. It doesn’t seem real, you know?” she told Access Hollywood.

Holding back tears, Garth recalled an especially difficult moment when she thought Perry called her phone, only to then have to face the harsh reality of the situation.

“Just yesterday, I saw a phone number pop on my phone, and I thought it said LP – and it didn’t, it said JP,” she added. “It was someone else, but for that second, it was hard.”

In tribute of Perry’s death one year ago, another 90210 castmate remembered the actor. On Wednesday, Ian Ziering shared a touching tribute to Instagram, honoring Perry.

“Hard to believe it’s been a year since losing Luke,” Ziering, 55, captioned a throwback black-and-white photo of the pair.

“Though time heals wounds, the pain of loss lasts forever. Miss you so much pal. #RIPLuke,” he wrote.

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