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WILLIE Robertson continues to keep his fans entertained even though it has been three years since the final episode of Duck Dynasty aired.

He recently revealed he underwent a staggering transformation.

Here is more on the 48-year-old reality TV star.

Who is Willie Robertson?

The TV personality and author was one of the stars of A&E's Duck Dynasty, which aired for 11 seasons from 2012 to 2017.

Robertson and his family own Duck Commander, a Louisiana company that specializes in duck calls.

He has a large family that includes wife Korie and their seven children.

His father is 74-year-old Phil Robertson, the family patriarch known as The Duck Commander.

Willie Robertson is the co-author of several books, including American Hunter, American Entrepreneur, and American Fisherman.

American Hunter "is an amazing compilation of the history of America’s greatest hunters," reads a description of the book.

"Based on the colorful personalities of powerful men and women, this book begins with the Plains Indians and moves through legendary hunters like Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill, Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, Lyndon Johnson, and of course, Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family."

What did Willie Robertson do to his hair?

Robertson has used some of his time in quarantine to trim off his iconic mullet.

He had long hair for 17 years but shared a video on Instagram that showed him getting the massive haircut.

His family did not even recognize him following his makeover.

Video shows Korie, his wife of nearly three decades, walking right past him and his new 'do.

"Hair Cut Transformation & Reactions. Everyone else is going back to the barber, I figured I should try it too. #17years," he wrote.

Fans were complimentary.

"Looks great!!!" wrote one Instagram user.

"Makes you look younger. it was cute how you and Korie looked like teenagers just meeting for the first time."

What is Duck Dynasty?

The popular reality show followed the Robertson family and their Duck Commander business.

The company started small but has grown into a multi-million dollar empire.

It was founded by 1973 by Phil Robertson, but the business is now run by son Willie.

Duck Dynasty struggled with ratings after the patriarch called homosexuality a sin in 2013.

Phil would be suspended from the show.

What happened to Willie Robertson’s Louisiana home?

Willie Robertson and his family were victims of a drive-by shooting when “eight to 10 shots” were fired at his property in April.

No one was injured as two of their homes were hit on his West Monroe, Louisiana property.

One shot went through the bedroom window where son John Luke Robertson, 24, lives with wife Mary Kate McEachern and their six-month-old son.

"We were pretty shook up. It looks like they were just spraying bullets across my property," Willie Robertson told USA Today.

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