You may know cars – I know wheat’ Jeremy Clarkson slapped down by wheat seller in clash

Clarkson's Farm: Jeremy Clarkson stars in Amazon Prime trailer

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Clarkson’s Farm made its debut on Amazon Prime Video last month and has been a hit with viewers so far. The series follows presenter Jeremy Clarkson as he learns the ropes in the unfamiliar territory of agriculture. Jeremy bought the land, now known as Diddly Squat Farm, in 2008, although he has only recently decided to take over the running of the farm himself. However, the TV presenter doesn’t run the farm on his own, he also is largely helped by the farm manager, Kaleb Cooper.

The running of the farm hasn’t come easily for the former Top Gear host as he has stumbled across a few hurdles along the way.

During the final instalment, Jeremy and Kaleb were forced to learn about harvesting wheat as the duo tested the moisture in the crops.

“A seasoned old farmer can tell how much moisture is in the pod just by biting it,” Jeremy began.

Kaleb then demonstrated how a farmer would do the test as he explained: “They’d go like this. I’ve seen them do it.”

He continued: “They open it up and they’re very serious when they do it. And then they go ‘That’s 12’.”

“And they’re right,” Jeremy replied. “They know.”

The 61-year-old faced further problems when he realised he needed a combine harvester to cut his crops.

“Every farm has got a combine on it,” the presenter said in disappointment.

Luckily, Kaleb came to the rescue and managed to borrow a combine from one of the neighbouring farmers.

After a rather stressful summer, Jeremy and Kaleb managed to harvest all of their crops successfully.

“We had harvested 546 acres of wheat, oil-seed rape and barley,” Jeremy commented.

“The fields were now taking a well-earned breather. I couldn’t though, I had to sell the wheat.”


Jeremy proceeded to collect a sample of his wheat in the hopes he could sell it.

The Grand Tour host and his land agent, Charlie took it to Paul, a local miller who had to test the wheat to see if it was good enough to sell.

While Paul was testing the wheat, Jeremy spoke with Charlie about how much it could be worth if it’s good quality.

Charlie told him it could be sold for £185 per tonne, although if it was being sold as hen food, they could sell it for £155.


Before Paul came back to give the pair the good news about the wheat, Jeremy told Charlie he didn’t want to take any less than £200 per tonne.

Despite being pleased with the end result, things soon took an unexpected turn when Paul told Jeremy his plan to sell the wheat.

“Well, no we’ve got to haggle,” Jeremy told him as Paul hit back: “No, I have sorted that out.”

An unimpressed Jeremy replied: “What do you mean you’ve sorted it out?”

Taking a cheeky swipe at Jeremy, Paul said: “You may know about car prices, but I know about wheat prices.”

When asked about how much he was selling the wheat for, Paul added: “I would say about the £180 to £185 mark.”

Clarkson’s Farm is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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