Boris Johnson must flinch no more and let us live with this virus from July 19

Don’t flinch, PM

IT’S hard to believe – at last Spanish holiday hotspots look set to join the green list . . . and on July 19 we could finally be free.

Not just of curbs on our movements or businesses. Free even of masks and social distancing.

It’s hard to believe not only because we have lived under Covid restrictions so long but because we have been here before and had our hearts broken.

Boris Johnson said we would be released last Monday before his excessive caution over the Indian variant ruled that out. No one wants any more excuses. He must stick to this new date.

That means ignoring the doom­mongers around him spooked by rising infections — especially with hospitalisations and deaths still at rock bottom.

Instead he must focus on the terrifying Government figures showing the monstrous losses facing us if he postpones.

Even solely continuing to use masks would cripple the events industry. Further curbs — bans on food and drink or attendance limits — could destroy it.

That is the heinous cost of delay, PM.

We have to live with this virus. Boris must flinch no more from letting us do so.

Harry handout

PULL at the threads of Harry and Meghan’s “truth” and it tends to unravel.

Even their claim to have sought the Queen’s consent to use her nickname Lilibet was not as sold, according to the Palace. Their incendiary assertions on Oprah were even more hotly disputed.

As the Queen politely put it: “Recollections may vary”.

But that cannot account for the new discrepancy over multi-millionaire Harry’s whinge that “my family literally cut me off . . . in the first quarter of 2020”. That without his inheritance from Diana he could not have moved out to California.

Hold up, wait a minute, as Oprah would say. Accounts show Charles handed him a “substantial” share of £4.4million AFTER that. A source says it was “to support them with this transition”.

Maybe that’s what being “cut off” means to entitled young ex-Royals now swimming in an ocean of Netflix dollars.

Ordinary people will wonder why his “truth” and the actual truth are as distant as he now is from his family back home.

Hard Cheese

A STANDARD four-day week is a nice fantasy for a utopian Britain we don’t live in.

So the Government is right to put the lid back on Peter Cheese, its “Flexible Working Tsar”, and his nutty plan to slice a fifth off the weekday grind.

For years UK productivity has not been great. That’s before Mr Cheese swallows chunks of half-baked Corbynite cobblers from Labour’s failed 2019 manifesto.

How dairy? We’ll all be toast if we cut into everyone’s hours and the economy crumbles and melts down.

Does Mr Cheese not give edam?

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