Boris Johnson must return us to normality if we are ever to put Britain back together

IT’S getting harder to recall what normality feels like — but Boris Johnson now dares us to dream that it might be reality again by Christmas.

For many it will be too late.

Our shattered town and city centres may never recover. Two million of us, gainfully employed in February, face winter on the dole.

We applaud the PM though for racing to restrict the damage, in defiance of the hyper-cautious scientists advising him.

Naturally, the Left and the Brexit­hating broadcasters are aghast that Boris would do something apparently so reckless.

But his science and health advisers, to their credit, admitted ­yesterday they do not have to factor in millions of lost jobs and an economy on the brink of an abyss. Boris does.

Lifting lockdown can never be 100 per cent safe. So from August onwards we will take a few more giant leaps to freedom: More work done from the office, the return of weddings, the reopening of stadiums, theatres, bowling alleys and ice rinks.

By Christmas maybe even the end of social distancing.


The scientists’ gloom over the coming winter is a stark contrast to Boris’s optimism.

But given their shocking complacency in February over our pandemic preparations, it is unsurprising they have lurched to the opposite extreme.

The problem is, their continuing ­misjudgments do serious damage to national confidence.

It has been astonishing to discover Public Health England counting the deaths of recovered Covid sufferers for ANY reason as Covid deaths. That is absurd . . . no wonder their tolls remain so worryingly high.

Boris’s assessment strikes us as more realistic. He has grasped that while it does still exist, the risk is tiny now of catching Covid, let alone dying from it.

And normality simply MUST return if we are ever to put Britain back together.

Navy Twits

HASN’T our Navy got more important wars to fight than taking on the word “man”?

We’re fine with gender-neutral titles, given roles are performed by women and men. But banning common terms like unmanned, manpower or manning?

One Navy source says they’re “problematic”.

What ocean-going bilge. The last thing we need is woke Twitter’s corrosive agenda infecting our Forces.

We must fight it to the last person.

Great Brits

HOW better to round off a day of hope than with the wonderful spectacle of national hero Captain Tom Moore being knighted by the Queen at Windsor?

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One aged 100, the other 94 — and today celebrating the 25,000th day of her reign.

Two great Britons who have served their country magnificently.

Sir Tom, we salute you. You too, Your Maj.

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